Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tis the season

Hey everyone! I thought I'd add my Christmas Advent Calendar Activities to the mix! I know there are tons of great ideas out there, and mine aren't anything special, but it's something different from last year. This took me F-O-R-E-V-E-R (ever seen Sandlot?) to make and organize this list. My husband has a tricky work schedule so I had to coordinate each activity with his work schedule for each day. WOW! The number next to each is what day # it is. If it says (E) that means that activity was written on a paper to go in an envelope. If it says (gift) then that activity was wrapped as a gift. I'll post a picture of the completed set of activities that I displayed on my mantel!

Ø Play Christmas Clue  (17) (this was Tyler's idea... just give the characters Christmas-y names!)

Ø Build a fort and have dinner in it (E) (7)

Ø Cut out paper snowflakes (gift of coffee filters) (6)

Ø Make popcorn and watch a Christmas movie (gift of 'Elf' and popcorn) (16)

Ø Hot cocoa and marshmallows (gift of cheap stuff!) (5)

Ø Make a Christmas craft (E)(10)

Ø  Don’t eat frosty’ (gift of game and candy) (4)

Ø Make a card for someone and mail it (gift of scrapbook paper and stickers)(9)

Ø Gingerbread cookies (gift of premade cookies with icing/candy)(15)

Ø Drive around and look at lights (E)(20)

Ø Read Christmas books (gift of books we already had, just hadn't brought out this season yet!) (2)

Ø Make a music video of a Christmas song (E)(14)

Ø Play with Christmas play-dough (gift of red peppermint scented playdough) (3)

Ø Make teacher presents (E) (8)

Ø December 21st: dinner by candlelight on the longest night of the year! (gift of candles)(21)

Ø Christmas music dance party (E)(12)

Ø Make reindeer food (gift of oatmeal, sequins, glitter and Christmas sprinkles)(23)

Ø Act out the Nativity (E) (24)

Ø Sing Christmas carols  (E) (13)

Ø Have a ‘snowball’ fight (gift... cereal box filled with crumpled up coffee filters)(11)

Ø Play Christmas charades and Pictionary! (gift... mason jar filled with words)(22)

Ø Christmas light thumbprint art (E)(18)

Ø Christmas bingo (gift of, well, bingo!) (19)

 Hope that gives you some fun ideas! Other ideas that we are doing, just not for our advent activies include:
-Make an elfyourself video
-http://www.portablenorthpole.com/home Make a personalized FREE video to your kids from Santa!
-http://pinterest.com/diyfreak/christmas/ Check out my Christmas pinterest board for lots of fun activities/art projects/food ideas!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!