Friday, March 28, 2008


Lots of topics today. My friend Kacie came a few weeks ago from Boston. I haven't seen her in about 7 years. We had a blast! We stayed at Hampton Inn (I think?!) one night so we could be girls and chat all night! (Or until 2 a.m.) Plus have pillow fights in our underwear. What would a girls' night out be without that! We saw Juno which I've decided is one of the best movies I've ever seen. It is pretty crude at parts, and I hate to justify, but it's more real life situations. As opposed to Will Ferrell "let's be crude just to be crude and make more money". Anyways, the songs are FANTASTIC. But beyond that, I think it's some of the best acting I've EVER seen. (that includes all the old movies I love and adore.) Anyways, it was sooo fun to have Kacie visit. The kids ADORED her! Cameron was constantly talking to her and wanting to sit by her and sleep by her. It was really cute!

Last weekend Tyler and I and the kids had a little 'weekend getaway'. We stayed at the Raddison downtown for 2 nights. The first night we met up with Adam and Nisha and went out to eat and then went swimming.

It was fun, except I wish we had floaties for Cameron's arms and one of these for Alexis. I was so excited to 'swim' and somehow forgot we have 2 children who can't swim. So we each had one and never got to swim! Oh well. It was still nice to be in the water. The next day we went to the Natural History Museum. Which yes, was in fact as boring as it sounds! I'm really not interested in any kind of history. We thought there would be more 'dinosaur' stuff. There was some, but nothing like the dino museum at Thanksgiving point. Cameron still had fun. Sort of.

Then we went to the Clark planetarium. Tyler, Cameron and I did a free exhibit that is similar to walking on the moon. They hook you up to what looks like a weights machine and adjust your weight to what it would be on the moon. Then you're strapped into a harness and can jump around. It was pretty cool! It was adventurous for me, being the wimp I am. I enjoyed it because when you jump, you come down only as fast as you went up. I liked having that kind of control! Anyways, Tyler and I were just going to do it. Cameron isn't too brave about those kinds of things. Or hasn't been in the past. After watching several people (including us) he said he wanted to try. We were sure the minute he got buckled into the harness he would freak out and not want to do it anymore. Au contraire! He was so excited. He jumped pretty high and wasn't even scared. (More than I can say for myself. Pretty pathetic, huh?) I was sooo proud of him!

We had lunch at the Gateway. Then we went to the Aquarium. Cameron touched the sting rays (again, something he's ALWAYS been too afraid to try in the past) and thought it was the coolest thing. His favorite part, of course, was the sharks. We were lucky enough to be there when they were having a special rainforest exhibit. We went into another room where they brought out a Macaw, a parrot, a tarantula (sp?) a Madagascar dung beetle, and a few more things.

We left the hotel Sunday morning, ran home to change for church and open baskets from the Easter bunny, went to church, came home to change, and go to my sister's for Easter! The kids had an easter egg hunt in my Sister's yard and their neighbor's yard. We had tons of eggs and Tyler and Chris found some great hiding places!

Monday, I was cleaning and doing laundry. Trying to catch up from being gone, and also getting ready for Amy to come over the following day. I had just got home from the grocery store when Amy called and wanted to know if I could meet her at the mall. Tyler was sweet enough to watch the kids so I could go play! It is always a fantastic treat to hang out with Amy WITHOUT KIDS! The next day she came over with the whole fam. It was fun to hang out with John for a bit since I usually only get to see him for about 30 minutes every 6 months or so! The kids had fun playing together and did quite well for two 3-year-olds. But they were still cranky at times. Alexis was NOT happy unless someone was holding her and Cameron and Gwen would get bored. We were so happy we had a least a few hours the day before to hangout with no distractions! Don't have the pictures uploaded from the kids yet. I will soon though!

Whew! Anyways, that's been our life. And in between all this, Tyler's been busy with cabinet jobs. I'd love to go to a movie tonight, but Tyler's too busy! We're DYING to see '21'. It comes out in theater today. This is me and Tyler's kind of movie. Check out the trailer and let me know if it's the kind of movie you like. Can't wait to see it!

Okay, next order of business. I'm trying to decide what song to sing for the audition. It's supposed to be 'upbeat'. The only song I can think of is 'The wizard and I' from Wicked. Is that too cliche, though? I can't be trusted with this decision anymore. I've been thinking about it too much! Any suggestions?

Well I think that's about it. Thanks for letting me gush!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Monticello and a freaky easter bunny

Yeah, they're unrelated...
So we went to Monticello this last weekend and had a blast! We were able to stay longer due to Tyler's spring break. It was nice to stay longer than friday night thru sunday at noon. We went looking for sheds (in layman's terms: deer horns that have fallen off) and rode on the four-wheeler. Then we cooked hot dogs over the fire. I LOVE FLAME ROASTED HOT DOGS! I had 3, and I wasn't even hungry for the last one. I just wanted to eat it! Mmmmmmm... Cameron had a blast looking for sheds with his cousins. He loved throwing rocks and playing in the dirt. The weather was almost perfect: still kind of windy. But it was beautiful! I forgot what a good mood I'm in when it's sunny and I can be outside. I can't even wait for spring/summer. To go outside everyday. Let the kids play in the pool, ride bikes, get dirty, have a bath, take a nap... Ahhh. I love summer!

So our microwave broke this morning. I refuse to live without a microwave. I thought, 'Oh, they can't be that expensive. WRONG! And even the ones that are closer to $100 still get crappy reviews. UGH! So here I am looking for an exceptional microwave. If anyone absolutely LOVES theirs, please let me know what you have!

When we were in Monticello, Alexis stayed on her hands and knees for almost 2 seconds! (That's a big deal, by the way!)

She also has started standing while we hold her hands. Or if she's well balanced against her excersaucer or the couch, etc. This also is a big deal since she (up until 2 weeks ago) wouldn't bear ANY weight on her legs. If you would try to have her stand, she would keep her legs at a 90 degree angle as if she were sitting. Even if you were holding her an inch off the ground. Legs. Straight out in front of her. LAZY! But she thinks she's pretty cool now that she can stand. She won't do it for very long before she freaks out. SCAREDY-CAT! Then she cries because she's stuck and it hurts her feelings that we are making her stand. SENSITIVE! She really is sensitive: she has the most FAKE cry and pouty face. I call her on it every time. I smile and say, 'Oh I don't believe you for a second!' and she starts to smile and be shy. Hahaha.. So for all those people who say kids are too young to understand what's going on? They're not... They know exactly what they're doing! =) Anyways, here's some cute pictures of her standing. Oh, and her hair is not a new fashion statement. She has pretty bad cradle cap and I had to put lotion in it. Then it just kind of went like that, and I thought it was funny. So I left it! hehehe... I'm so mean...

So here's the freaky Easter bunny:

The indside of the ears were supposed to be pink. And they were supposed to be googly eyes (which I didn't have). Anyways, I try really hard to not crush Cameron's creativity. If he wants to put the legs and tail somewhere they don't belong, I take a deep breath, and remind myself, "WHO CARES?!" I did, however, persuade him to choose a different color for the eyes other than red! What is it with white rabbits with red eyes? I don't know, but it scares the crap outta me! I used to have a few play bunnies when I was young. And I always hated that stupid white rabbit with it's red eyes! Evil animal... Anyways! Here's his bunny, and I'm happy to say he did 80% by himself, with little interference from his anal mother who has to have everything perfect. Let's hope I don't pass on that trait...

Well, as always here's about a thousand pictures! I would apologize for having so many, but hey- no one says you have to look at them all, right?! But seriously, look at them. All. Please? =)

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

YAY Tyler!!!

About a month ago, Tyler applied to the Radiology program at Weber University. Today we heard back that he was chosen for an interview!!! We are sooo excited! After going to a Q&A last week at Weber about the student selection process, he was a little worried. But he did it! I am so proud of him for all of his hard work. His interview is April 4th, and then we'll find out the following week if he is accepted. Please keep him in your prayers! I LOVE YOU TYLER!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Toot! Toot!"

That, ladies and gentlemen, is me: tooting my own horn. Yes, I know it seems a bit egotistical of me to do this, but under the circumstances, I don't care. Ehem... It all started on Sunday when we decided to watch one of our favorite Sunday movies. Cheaper by the dozen 2. A certain character named 'Eliot Murtaugh' (that adorable boy who dates Sarah) appears and I must admit I was surprised I forgot about how BEAUTIFUL this boy is. (granted he is about 13 in the movie- so NO I'm not a child stalker!) All of a sudden, it hits me! THIS IS JACOB! I am staring at JACOB BLACK! I nudge Tyler and declare, 'OH MY GOSH! If they could find someone who looks EXACTLY like that, just older, he would be the PERFECT Jacob!' As with any other (of the many) times I talk about Twilight, Tyler simply smiles and nods. Well, well! I get a phone call today from my friend who tells me that they have cast Jacob. All I can think is, 'well it's about FREAKING time!' (I've only been checking multiple times a day on the website!) I run (and I do mean RUN) downstairs to look online. And who do you think I would see as I scrolled down the page?

That's right. Mister 'Eliot Murtaugh' himself. Er, I mean, Taylor Lautner. Pretty amazing, right?! Okay, I'll stop bragging now! I just gotta say how excited I am for the movie! Now. Not before. Only after discovering who Jacob will be. As some of you may know, I am a Jacob fan. I thought Edward was great and all in Twilight. And after that? Well, I think it's ALL about Jacob! I actually forgot about Edward in New moon. When he wasn't being mentioned, I honestly wasn't thinking about him at all. I didn't miss him. I didn't think how if he came back Bella would be alright. Nothing. All I could think was, 'i... Love.... JACOB!' Obviously I haven't been excited about the movie because Robert Pattinson is just not Edward. But now, at least with one character being accurately portrayed (in my opinion at least!), let's get on with the show! Oh and as my friend Tammy put it, 'I can just picture him saying, "Sure.. Sure.." with that big smile!' Tammy? You couldn't be more right. Oh and for all you Twilight fans, this site has some different pictures than others. I gotta say, if they can make Emmett look like he does on this site? I've just found one more cast member that fits the part. Let's hope they can pull this off!!!!