Thursday, March 20, 2008

Monticello and a freaky easter bunny

Yeah, they're unrelated...
So we went to Monticello this last weekend and had a blast! We were able to stay longer due to Tyler's spring break. It was nice to stay longer than friday night thru sunday at noon. We went looking for sheds (in layman's terms: deer horns that have fallen off) and rode on the four-wheeler. Then we cooked hot dogs over the fire. I LOVE FLAME ROASTED HOT DOGS! I had 3, and I wasn't even hungry for the last one. I just wanted to eat it! Mmmmmmm... Cameron had a blast looking for sheds with his cousins. He loved throwing rocks and playing in the dirt. The weather was almost perfect: still kind of windy. But it was beautiful! I forgot what a good mood I'm in when it's sunny and I can be outside. I can't even wait for spring/summer. To go outside everyday. Let the kids play in the pool, ride bikes, get dirty, have a bath, take a nap... Ahhh. I love summer!

So our microwave broke this morning. I refuse to live without a microwave. I thought, 'Oh, they can't be that expensive. WRONG! And even the ones that are closer to $100 still get crappy reviews. UGH! So here I am looking for an exceptional microwave. If anyone absolutely LOVES theirs, please let me know what you have!

When we were in Monticello, Alexis stayed on her hands and knees for almost 2 seconds! (That's a big deal, by the way!)

She also has started standing while we hold her hands. Or if she's well balanced against her excersaucer or the couch, etc. This also is a big deal since she (up until 2 weeks ago) wouldn't bear ANY weight on her legs. If you would try to have her stand, she would keep her legs at a 90 degree angle as if she were sitting. Even if you were holding her an inch off the ground. Legs. Straight out in front of her. LAZY! But she thinks she's pretty cool now that she can stand. She won't do it for very long before she freaks out. SCAREDY-CAT! Then she cries because she's stuck and it hurts her feelings that we are making her stand. SENSITIVE! She really is sensitive: she has the most FAKE cry and pouty face. I call her on it every time. I smile and say, 'Oh I don't believe you for a second!' and she starts to smile and be shy. Hahaha.. So for all those people who say kids are too young to understand what's going on? They're not... They know exactly what they're doing! =) Anyways, here's some cute pictures of her standing. Oh, and her hair is not a new fashion statement. She has pretty bad cradle cap and I had to put lotion in it. Then it just kind of went like that, and I thought it was funny. So I left it! hehehe... I'm so mean...

So here's the freaky Easter bunny:

The indside of the ears were supposed to be pink. And they were supposed to be googly eyes (which I didn't have). Anyways, I try really hard to not crush Cameron's creativity. If he wants to put the legs and tail somewhere they don't belong, I take a deep breath, and remind myself, "WHO CARES?!" I did, however, persuade him to choose a different color for the eyes other than red! What is it with white rabbits with red eyes? I don't know, but it scares the crap outta me! I used to have a few play bunnies when I was young. And I always hated that stupid white rabbit with it's red eyes! Evil animal... Anyways! Here's his bunny, and I'm happy to say he did 80% by himself, with little interference from his anal mother who has to have everything perfect. Let's hope I don't pass on that trait...

Well, as always here's about a thousand pictures! I would apologize for having so many, but hey- no one says you have to look at them all, right?! But seriously, look at them. All. Please? =)

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Rob and Tiff said...

HaHaHa, I love how you call Alexis lazy and a scaredy cat. But even more I love that she tries to act offended and you call her on it. :-)

I think I have to agree with you in thinking white bunnies with red eyes is a little creepy. However Cameron's attempt at making a bunny is adorable. Maybe he's a rebellious bunny who died his hair; hence the blue ears instead of pink. :-) Just a thought.

Thanks for posting a billion pictures of your adorable family. I looked at all of them and it was fun. I love that you were teaching Cameron to make faces for the camera. That's my kind of picture.

andrea j said...

Sounds like you had a fun much needed vacation! Alexis looks so big standing up. She can't be ready to walk yet?!

I love the picture of Alexis in the skort! Cute outfit :)

I love your bunny Cameron! Fun craft idea.

Anonymous said...

I love that bunny! LOL
I looked at all your pics and I love the ones of you guys making silly faces! Looks like you had a lot of fun!
Mmm Lemon Bars! I still have a box in my pantry. Maybe I'll have to make whip them up this weekend!
It cracked me up to see you in the parking lot today :) I HATE it when I go out the wrong doors and then I have to wander down the stupid parking lot to find my car. I was shocked to see your car still there when we left because I thought the kid and I would grow old and die in the line we chose. UGH! ;)

Brother and Sister Harker said...

Oh Alexis is getting so big! Where did you go see the cars? Cameron looked so happy!
We missed you playing games, we will do it again. We want to do it at our house soon because we got RockBand and it is so fun!!!!

Amy said...

First of are dead sexy! And second, your children are beautiful. It makes me sad that I've missed so much. Alexis is growing up so fast! ugh!

And ya...I tried having Gwen crack a few eggs a while back and it was a disaster...I hope it gets better. Nice job Cameron!

And hey...Tyler is cute too! Didn't wanna leave him out! haha

gillespies inc. said...

What cute kids!! Sorry about the microwave - that is no fun!!