Saturday, September 22, 2007

A is for Apple

Cameron had his first field trip yesterday! It's not exclusively for the kids in joy school-but for anyone who wants to come. We took the kids to a small apple orchard! They had such a great time. The tour included showing the kids how the apples are packed, the giant refrigerator where they are stored, the forklift used, and of course: the apple trees! Each kid also got to pick an apple. Our apples were washed and we all stood in the shade of the orchard eating the most delicious apples I've ever had!

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Going back a few days: Amy and the kids got to spend the day with us! Cameron and Gwen played very well together. Cameron especially liked Chloe: I thought she would be too young for him to care about. But he would get so excited when she'd join them playing! Can't wait 'till they live here and we can play like this more often!

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Going back even farther (I would have done a post sooner but our internet had problems: AGAIN), are pictures from Cameron's play-date with Abby. It was so funny: when she first got here, I sent them in Cameron's room and told Cameron to get his toys out from under his bed. I went to check on Alexis, and when I came in his room, they were both just standing there, staring at each other! I guess it really does take practice to associate with the opposite sex! I brought them downstairs to play with the toys down there, and she was still acting shy and Cameron wasn't his bubbly self either. Again, I went upstairs to check on Alexis, and as soon as I was upstairs? They were laughing and giggling and talking and playing. I just had to laugh! I thought, 'Oh no. We're starting this already?' I could hear his thoughts... "Jeez mom, would you go upstairs and leave us alone to play? You're embarrassing me!" Hahaha. It was really cute.

Cameron has also mastered using the computer mouse! It's great... There are some really cute games online for toddlers that he loves to play. He spent an hour playing the same game yesterday!

Well that's all for now... I'll leave with a new fav. picture of Alexis. Bye everyone!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Alexis' blessing

Yesterday we had Alexis blessed, and then a brunch at our house afterwards. It was such a great day! Tyler's blessing was beautiful (and it made everyone cry!). She looked precious in her blessing dress. It was so fun to see all our family and hang out afterwards to visit. Not really much to report: just lots and lots of cute pictures! Cameron is having his first playdate with a girl! I used to babysit a little girl, but this is his 'girlfriend' from nursery. Her name is Abby and she is a doll! I'm sure I'll do a post about it later. Anyways, for now here's lots of pictures.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Laughter is the best medicine

So my mom sent me these and Tyler and I laughed so hard for about 5 minutes striaght. It's true: laughter really is the best medicine. It sure put me in a good mood. So here's hoping they brighten your day as well! (can you believe this? 2 posts in 2 days here? WOW!)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Let's try this again!

I had every intention of updating this blog AT LEAST every week: and then what happened? We rearranged our house and put the computer downstairs. That meant that we were without the internet for at least 3 weeks waiting for the internet people to come and connect us all over again! ::Sigh:: Let's hope this attempt to blog more often is more successful than the last try. Moving on.

Lots has been going on, and I'm sure I won't remember most of it. First, Tyler Granmother, 'Branny', passed away a few weeks ago. She was 90 years old and had been struggling with ill health for a while now. It was sad, but also a relief. She's been without her husband for 10 years now, and it was time they were reunited. The funeral was very lovely. Tyler was asked to speak and did a terrific job. It was nice to be with family, although the reason for being together was unfortunate. Cameron had a blast with his cousin, Jaden, who is 4. At one point they were playing football, and Cameron tackled Jaden, sending him to the ground. Cameron told him he was sorry. Jaden's response was priceless: 'I love you. Now let's play football!'
I thought how true to life that is for boys (of all ages!). They don't hold grudges; they don't pout; they don't dwell on the negative. They just pick up, move on, and have fun! I explained that if that had been 2 girls, they would have whined and cried for longer than neccessary, and then been hesitant to play with each other again. 'She was mean to me! I don't want to be her friend anymore!' is all I could hear in my mind. I'm so grateful I have a boy! (And worried about what will happen when Alexis is older. YIKES!)

Cameron and Uncle Shawn after the funeral

Cameron and Jaden

Family fun! Bubba, Dillan, Colton, and Tyler

Dillan and Tyler are the 'belt brothers'? They called themselves something silly like that! haha

Let's see: Oh yes! My dear friend, Kyla, went off and left me to study abroad in London for 4 months! I am sooo excited for her, but I did cry like a baby when we had to say goodbye! I will miss her terribly and my kids will, too!

We are blessing Alexis this Sunday, and I am very excited. It will be another chance to see family, and to visit at our house after church. There are still a few people in our families that have yet to see our house, and I'm thrilled to have them finally come over! I am truly an honored host: I love love love love to have company! I bought a special outfit for Alexis to wear after the blessing, and it is adorable! There are a few people who still have not seen her, and it will be fun to show her off: both to people who have yet to see her, and people that have seen her numerous times. She's just beautiful and we are very proud!

Cameron has finished his second week of Joy school, and so far he loves it! He won't even turn around to tell me goodbye as he marches to the front door of 'school'! I usually drop him off at the sidewalk, and let him walk to the door himself. I think it gives him more independence. Not only to go to school, but to walk up the stairs and get to knock on the door himself. He's such a little man! I was supposed to teach next week (letter C) but Alexis has her 2 month check up on tuesday (the same day as school). Also on thursday, my twin (I mean my friend) Amy is coming to visit! Her and her family are in town from Oregon and it's the only time we get to hang out. I'm so excited to see her and for Cameron to get to play with his girlfriend, Gwen! Luckily I was able to switch weeks with another mom, so now I have the letter 'E'. Hmmm. pretty boring letter!

Tyler is still busy with work and school. He is usually home by 6:00, and I love it! He has a few leads on some cabinet jobs, so we are hoping they work out. We could always use the money, and I think he misses working in the garage! He is excited to go hunting. Just two more weeks! He's gone shooting a few times and has been playing his "Cabela's big game hunter" X-box game a lot lately! It's fun to see him get in 'hunting mode'! He's like a little kid at Christmas! (Now let's just hope he kills a big one!)

I've had so much more I've wanted to blog about, but I can't recall everything. So that's it for now. I'll include some random pictures, since Alexis is chaning so much! Love you all, friends and family! And hey: how about leaving some comments?! =)