Saturday, September 22, 2007

A is for Apple

Cameron had his first field trip yesterday! It's not exclusively for the kids in joy school-but for anyone who wants to come. We took the kids to a small apple orchard! They had such a great time. The tour included showing the kids how the apples are packed, the giant refrigerator where they are stored, the forklift used, and of course: the apple trees! Each kid also got to pick an apple. Our apples were washed and we all stood in the shade of the orchard eating the most delicious apples I've ever had!

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Going back a few days: Amy and the kids got to spend the day with us! Cameron and Gwen played very well together. Cameron especially liked Chloe: I thought she would be too young for him to care about. But he would get so excited when she'd join them playing! Can't wait 'till they live here and we can play like this more often!

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Going back even farther (I would have done a post sooner but our internet had problems: AGAIN), are pictures from Cameron's play-date with Abby. It was so funny: when she first got here, I sent them in Cameron's room and told Cameron to get his toys out from under his bed. I went to check on Alexis, and when I came in his room, they were both just standing there, staring at each other! I guess it really does take practice to associate with the opposite sex! I brought them downstairs to play with the toys down there, and she was still acting shy and Cameron wasn't his bubbly self either. Again, I went upstairs to check on Alexis, and as soon as I was upstairs? They were laughing and giggling and talking and playing. I just had to laugh! I thought, 'Oh no. We're starting this already?' I could hear his thoughts... "Jeez mom, would you go upstairs and leave us alone to play? You're embarrassing me!" Hahaha. It was really cute.

Cameron has also mastered using the computer mouse! It's great... There are some really cute games online for toddlers that he loves to play. He spent an hour playing the same game yesterday!

Well that's all for now... I'll leave with a new fav. picture of Alexis. Bye everyone!


Laura said...

What website does he play games on? I'd love to find more that my 4yo would like. She uses Up to Ten and she really likes it. I'd be curious to know what you've found. Thanks!

Kyla said...

I'm so glad Amy came! You're just so popular, check you out.

Kyla said...

I like apples - maybe I'll go there too. I can even pick the apples on top that the kids can't reach! We'd be the perfect team!

Amy said...

Yay...we were happy to be there! Love the pictures of the Apple Orchard! How fun is that?