Monday, September 17, 2007

Alexis' blessing

Yesterday we had Alexis blessed, and then a brunch at our house afterwards. It was such a great day! Tyler's blessing was beautiful (and it made everyone cry!). She looked precious in her blessing dress. It was so fun to see all our family and hang out afterwards to visit. Not really much to report: just lots and lots of cute pictures! Cameron is having his first playdate with a girl! I used to babysit a little girl, but this is his 'girlfriend' from nursery. Her name is Abby and she is a doll! I'm sure I'll do a post about it later. Anyways, for now here's lots of pictures.

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Kyla said...

1. You look way cute. Where did you get the dress?
2. Alexis looks ADORABLE in that dress. It is positively gorgeous.
3. Cameron looks so cute!
4. Tyler, yes, you look good too...
5. Off the subject, but Kara's sister wants cabinet work done so I gave Kara your number to give to her to call you.... got that? Anyways, her name is Deanna Hughes, so you MAY expect a call sometime in the near future from her to get some cabinety stuff done. :)
Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Alexis looks beautiful in her dress, Jamy :) I remember seeing all the cars out in front of your house that day - funny :)

Nisha said...

Ahh! Now I wish we would've made it that Sunday to hear the blessing. I love baby blessings! Were we sick or something?!?! Man, we should never skip church.