Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ugh.. Back again!

So we went to Monticello for Memorial day weekend, and I'm so bummed to be back home! We had a really great time! The weather was pretty crappy. It was a blizzard one of the days, and the rest it was either rainy, extremely windy, or both! Sunday was actually beautiful. We went to sacrament meeting and then went with Tyler's parents to the lake near their house. We took their new camp trailer (sooooo nice!) and had lunch there and went fishing. We bought all new fishing poles (our old ones were pretty trashed!) We bought Cameron a Lightning McQueen pole, and he loved it! He (in my unbias opinion) did pretty amazing for a almost 4 year old! The first day we fished (with snow on the ground might I add), we were there long enough to cast ONE time! Hahaha.. Lucky for us, that lake is very well stocked, and he caught a fish on his first and only cast of the day! It was just a great time all around. We played a game (one of our favorites) called Compatibilty with Mike and Julie and we laughed sooo hard. So yes, I'm sad to be back into 'the real world' now. Alexis cried so hard last night trying to go to sleep that she threw up. And I didn't know it until this morning. So I'm ALREADY behind on laundry, and dishes. UGH! And I left the house 100% spotless. ALL the laundry was done, floors clean, etc. Oh well. That's life, right? Well, life as a mom.

I was happy to have finished my book I've been trying to read for about a month now! "The Host" was a great book! It was pretty slow; I had a difficult time getting into it like the "Twilight" series. It wasn't until the last, oh, 30 pages where I could NOT put it down! Overall, I loved it. I laughed, I cried (or shoud I say bawled like a baby!). And can I just say: Edward and Jacob combined are NOTHING compared to IAN! I LOVE IAN! =) I'll post Monticello pictures another time. Gotta go clean some more. AHHHH!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Glad to see you're home! Just in case I don't see you before Sunday, it's The Man's birthday that day and I completely spaced it - so we aren't going to be free that day.
What about next weekend?

Check your messages and go for a walk with me!!! ;) LOL

Kyla said...

Well, I am glad you're home, even if you're not. Hopefully I can see you soon. :)
I finished "The Host" last weekend as well, and I really liked it. Not a fav, but still good. We'll compare 'book notes' later.
Luy va. :)