Saturday, June 28, 2008

Concert in the park

I was at the park the other day with my friend and her kids. We sat at the park bench and watched as our children played. In the grassy area of the park were six young girls, ages 7-11 (or at least that's my best guess). They had formed a circle and were playing, 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' on their various instruments. Two of the girls were playing the violin, one playing the triangle, one playing the xylophone, one singing, and the oldest was standing on an overturned box, conducting. It was quite the sight to see. I took a few pictures and when they had finished, I cheered and applauded very loudly. They all looked a little embarassed but excited to have an audience. A few minutes later, we were approached by all of them (carrying they're instruments). One brave girl asked, 'Do you happen to have like one cent to donate?'. Trying to stifle a giggle, I appologetically explained that I only had my stroller and some water with me. They were courteous as they walked away. A few more minutes went by and we were again approached by the whole lot. This time the oldest girl inquired if we knew of anyone having a birthday coming up. I asked if they performed at birthday parties. She said yes they did. I asked if they knew 'Happy Birthday' and she said, 'Well no, but we know something like it'. I still don't know what that means! What song is similar to 'Happy Birthday' but not a birthday song? I asked her how much is was to hire their services. She told me it was free. I explained that Cameron's birthday was actually coming up and I might be interested in having them play. I cannot even explain the look on their faces. Thinking about it still tugs at my heartstrings and I can't help crying. Pathetic? Probably. One of the girls said it would be their first birthday party, and as I took it, their first public performance. These girls are clearly passionate about their music. They were so excited at even the PROSPECT of being able to play for others. I miss my music. I miss jamming with Amy and Krista. Singing duets with Kyla. Teaching the kids at 'Sweet Harmony' fun songs like, 'Hit the Beach' with accomanying choreography with sunglasses and lots of California attitude. I miss singing in Zion. Watching people tear up as the music we sings strengthens their testimonies or helps them to first realize they have one. I miss working at Guitar Center and meeting other people who are passionate about their music. I couldn't believe at the amount of emotion these six little sweet girls brought with their simple song. I asked the oldest girl how I could contact them with details of the party. (I was pretty nervous to even ASK their phone number!) She gave me her mom's name and number and I think I will call. I'm sure Tyler isn't thrilled with the idea. But to give these girls a chance to play? That's all I've ever wanted.


Anonymous said...

Awww!! I think that is SO sweet! You are awesome for letting them do it!
I was told about those girls ;) Apparently they're pretty cute...I'm looking forward to hearing them play!

Amy said...

I'm jealous...I hope you tape it! They sound so cute!

raising4boys said...

That is so sweet of you!! I think that's great they are playing music together, it's giving them something to do this summer.

That's so neat that you have done all those things with music. Don't let being a mom stop your dreams.

Michelle G. said...

That is so cute! I love it! I wish I would have seen them!!