Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lunch stations!

My kids are picky eaters. But I feel bad sending Cameron to school with the SAME EXACT lunch every day. I came up with a way to give him more control of the situation. Sunday night I make 5 pb&j sandwiches (using 3 different kinds of jam to make things exciting... oooo, pb&j everyday.... boring!!!!) Then he can choose a treat. This week it's either fruit snacks or a condiment cup filled with some sixlets (leftover from Easter candy!). By the way, I am in LOVE with condiment cups. That having been said, I use them for the next station. Raisins/craisins/sunflower seeds. Next is either pretzels or chips (very small amount in each). Then onto the fruit! It will stay in the fridge but I have the banana setting out all the time to remind him to choose a fruit. Not that SAME banana, mind you. ;) I put the sandwiches in the freezer for him to take out every morning. He knows the drill. Grabs a Walmart sack (haha, we STILL don't have a lunch box for him! But ya know? They are HARD to find when it's not 'back to school' time!) chooses something from each station and gets his sandwich from the freezer. It has been working GREAT and then he has some wiggle room on what he wants to eat that day. Maybe one day I will have a nice camera and some ::cough:: talent, so my pictures won't be so sucky!


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