Saturday, February 24, 2007

Halfway there!

Can you believe the day has actually come when I can say I am halfway through my pregnancy? (Okay, okay, in 1 hr. 52 minutes!) Who knew this day would ever come? Surely not me. I am anxious for my ultrasound on tuesday. They will be able to tell us if everything looks healthy: all 4 chambers of the heart, the brain development, the spine, etc. I can always breathe easier knowing things are going the way they should be. Hey, it's all downhill from here, right?!


John and Amy said... is all downhill from here! What a great point to get at! And you've been sicker than a dog, and you've put up with so much!! You are incredible!

John and Amy said...

hey got your beans?

Kyla said...

Let me know how it goes!