Friday, March 2, 2007

Ode to Joy (and misery)

For the last week and a half, my morning sickness has appeared to get worse instead of better. I feel incredibly sick at night, and a few hours after I'm asleep I wake up throwing up or dry heaving. (4 nights out of 10) I had about 5 meltdowns yesterday, including one in the middle of Smiths grocery store, WHILE being helped by the cashier! Needless to say, it's been one heck of a week. I had a chat with a friend last night who told me to take it one day at a time, and reminded me it's worth it when I'm holding my new baby. That 'pep talk' (plus God knowing I desperately needed a break!) must have done something. Knock on wood, but I have felt pretty good today! I did 2 loads of dishes (a HUGE accomplishment these days) and I am even cooking dinner tonight! (an even BIGGER accomplishment). "This too shall pass" has by far become my favorite saying, and I'm praying it's true. One day, (hopefully soon) I will feel this good, wow- or better, every day. Until that day comes, ode to my one day of joy!


John and Amy said...

You will feel better. I wish I could say when...but it will end!! I'm glad you had a good day, and I hope it lasts! We'll be praying for you...again...and again, for as long as it takes!

Hope you sleep well. No more of this throwing up in the middle of the night nonsense. You need to have a talk with Alexis! Tell her what is what!

Kyla said...

Hey, I am soo sorry that you have been feeling so horrible lately. If there's anything I can do for you just let me know. LUY VA.