Friday, April 11, 2008

Knock, knock

Cameron had his friend, Jay, over for a play date today. They sat down for lunch and Jay proceeds to tell a 'knock knock' joke.

Jay: Knock, Knock!

Cameron: (blank stare)

Jay: Knock, Knock!

(Can you tell Cameron has no older siblings?!)

Jamy: Cameron, when Jay says, 'knock knock', then you say 'who's there?'

Cameron: Who's there!

Jamy: You need to wait until he says, 'knock knock'. Go ahead Jay.

Jay: Knock, Knock!

Cameron: Who's there! (excited, now that's he's catching on to this cool new game)

Jay: Blooppie!

Cameron & Jay: (laugh hysterically)


Cameron: Knock, Knock!

Jay: Who's there?

Cameron: (silence)

Jay: Ju-ju

Cameron: choo-choo!

Jay: no. Ju-ju

Cameron: Choo-choo.

Jay: No! Ju-ju

Cameron: Choo-ju

Jay: NO! Juuuu-juuuuu.

Cameron: Ju-ju!

Jay and Cameron: (laugh hysterically)

Anyways! On to other stuff. On Monday night, we had some friends over for dinner. Blast from the past! My friend Ross, and his wife Susie were in town for conference. I've been friends with Ross for, oh, about 10 years? He's one of my greatest friends. Kyla also came. Who I've also been friends with for a little longer than that! We all grew up in the same ward. Ross' wife Susie, was actually Kyla's 1st roomate at BYU! Okay, nobody cares, but I think it's cool! So we all just hung out and talked. Tyler and Susie went to bed, and at about midnight, Kyla, Ross and I start thinking, 'hmmm.. maybe we should go to bed?' Do we? Of course not. We haven't all been together in about 7 years. So wen stayed up and talked. And talked. And talked. AND TALKED! At about 6:30 A.M. Kyla needs to leave so she can get back to provo and give her sister the car that they share! I realize I will be lucky to get an hour's sleep before my kids wake up and I have to start another 'mommy' day. Ross has to drive back to California that next day on what little sleep he might get. So at 6:30, I climb into bed, exhausted. I did get about an hour's sleep! It didn't even matter. We had a BLAST! We talked about EVERYTHING. Good 'ol times. People we haven't seen in years. People we have seen. School. Work. Parenthood. Relationships. The church. Money. Families. You name it, I think we covered it! Anyways, here's some pictures from our late night! (At about 6:20 A.M!)
And of course, some of the cutest kids in the world.

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P.S. On a completely unrelated note: I just found out about a behind the scenes look at the movie "Twilight". Here's the link! AHHHHH!!!!! I LOVE IT!


Kyla said...

I loved that night/day. It was soo fun! Can we do it again?! Ha ha...ok, maybe we shouldn't be THAT crazy, but I still want to see you soon. Really, I loved that night. Luy va, darling!

Ross said...

Thankfully, Suz cut my hair last night, and i have shaved. So I know longer lok like Wolverine.... which has it's plus and minuses.

Good times.

Ross said...

BTW, yes I know it's "I" and not "i", "look" and not "lok" And "no' and not "know'. Why can't I edit?

Rob and Tiff said...

Sounds like you sure know how to party. :-)

I love the knock knock story. It made me laugh.

Amy said...

LOVE...the pictures!!! Glad you had fun with them!