Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fun crafts!

Yikes, I forgot how much I hate the photo upload on Blogger! Gonna have to figure something else out! This was something I've wanted to do for a long time and finally did last week. Using mini marshmallows (having set outside for about an hour so they are not so squishy) and toothpicks, we created some architecture! That GIANT one is after we were all done and we combined all our creations!

This is Cameron with his field journal. He wrote about snowflakes, pine needles, and a 'thing that I have no idea what it's called but looks like a coral'. Haha Below we have one of my favorites to date. These are the love bugs! Courtesy of frugalfamilyfunblog.com. One of my FAVORITE sites EVER!

I found the tutorial for this heart napkin doilies at Marthastewart.com. Love Martha!

These are mini cakes we made from stacking 3 oreos with frosting in between each and all around. Then the kids put sprinkles and piped colored frosting all around. They were supposed to soften and turn cake-like, but the site I got the idea from said her weather was very VERY humid. And ours, well... Very DRY! So it would have required them sitting for quite sometime! Oh well, it was fun to practice decoration skills without have to make a whole cake!
This is Alexis' alien she designed herself! I didn't take a picture of Cameron's. We painted one paper plate black, then cut out the center of a second plate. We covered that second plate with tin foil to look like a porthole of a spaceship. Does that even make sense? Or are portholes specific to ships? Who knows. Then we drew and cut out our aliens from construction paper, glued them on the plate, added googly eyes, and added some metallic star confetti to look like space! We also added some planets, and the rings (pipe cleaner) we made stick out to give it a more 3D effect!
That's all I have time to post now! I'll try and do the rest of our projects from the last few weeks later tonight. Have a great day!

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