Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some more crafts from last week and this week so far! This was a fun math activity that I did with Alexis. She drew a line on a paper plate dividing it in half, then cut it out. Then colored it with markers to look like a watermelon. 'But what about the seeds?' she asked. Great question! We used black pony beads for the seeds. Then I made up some flashcards with either a number on it or a simple math problem. She thought this was pretty cool!
I honestly with I could remember where I found this idea... I should have bookmarked it so I could give credit where credit is due! This is the top of a strawberry container. Alexis drew fish and seaweed on the lid with permanent marker. Then we used 50/50 glue/water to put on some tissue paper! We stuck it to the window with a suction cup hook (I bought a pack of 10-different sizes included- at the dollar store)
Here are some of our 3-D butterflies that greet visitors as they walk in the door!
And this is a peacock art project from If you are looking for some fun CHEAP projects, look no further. Valerie is an absolute GENIUS in my ever-so-humble opinion.
I am so in love with Bento Boxes! I love the adorable picks that are so frequently associated with them. I don't have any, but thought the other day... "How hard would it be?!" So I grabbed some toothpicks and added some letter stickers! Voila! My kids loved them! Obviously it helped that I did the first letter of their name. Then today I did something similar. I used some circle foam stickers. Alexis loved hers so much she played with it all afternoon. AND even ate the raisins with her lunch today! Magic!
Another color code project from We switched it up a bit and drew faces and patterns on our gumballs!
This idea came from another one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE blogs! She has some great fingerprint/handprint ideas. This was a modification of one. We tried doing fingerprints, but Alexis found it more enjoyable to just finger PAINT. Whatever floats her boat!

My mom bought the kids some glitter glue a while ago and I thought it would be fun to do a simple counting project. I drew donuts and wrote a number underneath. Alexis had to put that many 'sprinkles' on that donut.
And then we did it with spots on some ladybugs!
I hope you guys are finding some fun things that you like! I hope I get better at blogging soon!


Tonii said...

Jamy, thank you SO much for your sweet comments on my blog! They totally made my day. And HELLO! You have some fantastic ideas here. What a fun mommy you are! I am so happy you found my blog...just so I could find yours :) I'm excited to see what else you come up, thanks again for your SWEET words!

Fleck Family said...

so love these ideas. Makes me almost want little kids again.....wait, no that isn't right. I can't wait for another 5 - 10 years when I will have cute little grand babies to do these fun projects with.