Friday, December 26, 2008

Not yet

I'm busy with other stuff. Maybe someday I'll post Christmas pictures. But that day is definitely not today. I've started yet another blog. So far I have 6 that I contribute to. 6? Well, when
Shanna convinced me to start a blog, I didn't think I'd become one of these people! ;) My new blog address is . It is my new food blog! I recently joined a group of baking bloggers, known as "Daring Bakers". The most recent count I heard was 1000 members. I'd explain it, but I just got done explaining it on my other blog. Wanna know more? Go check it out. Please, don't make me say it all again!

I'll leave everyone with 2 funny Cameron stories.

#1) Tyler was looking at Cameron. Cameron: "What are you looking at?" Tyler: 'I'm just looking at how handsome you are.' Cameron: "No you're not. You're looking at how cool & awesome I am..."

#2) Cameron asks me... "Do you know what my friend Cache's name is?" Not knowing how to respond to this, I say: 'No, I don't Cameron. What is it?' He throws up his hands with a look of bewilderment and monotonously says "It's Cache..."

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raising4boys said...

I'm definitely bookmarking that blog!! Your Christmas treats were fabulous. You were hiding that talent from us all. Thanks for sharing finally!!!