Thursday, January 22, 2009

THAT'S more like it!

WOW! What a breath of fresh air: I actually had a GREAT mommy day yesterday! I'm not sure when the last time I said that was. Or the last time I thought it, or felt it, etc. It took me AT LEAST a year after Alexis was born to feel 'normal'. As horrible as this sounds (go ahead and judge: I'm giving you permission) I resented her (and sometimes still do) when I can't just have one-on-one time with Cameron. Or her, for that matter. I can't seem to find enough time in the day (I know, who can.. right?) to do all that is expected of me. (Or to do what I expect of myself.) BUT YESTERDAY... I dropped Cameron off at school, and me and Alexis went out! We had to go pay a bill, but walking from the office back to the car, I held her hand and let her walk. At her pace. And let her look. She loved looking around and looking at the clouds in the sky. I really don't get a chance to do that like I did with Cameron. Now, I have to HOLD her while I'm trying to hold Cameron's hand, blah blah blah. We had to return some stuff at Target, and we got to be silly (WITHOUT CAMERON BUTTING IN BECAUSE HE CANNOT BE LEFT OUT OF ANYTHING) as I pushed her in the cart. In the line for customer service, I had her giggling so hard. The lady behind the counter told me what a great laugh she has. AMEN! Even in the car, I was able to talk to her, dance/sing with her. It was wonderful! No yelling, no frustration, just fun! On the way to pick Cameron up from school, she fell asleep. So I decided to pick Cameron up in the car. When we got home, miraculously, Alexis stayed asleep during the 'transfer' to bed. She proceeded to sleep for ~ 1 1/2 hours! WHICH left me plenty of time to have one-on-one time with CAMERON! OH my, I love that kid! He is such a blast! AGAIN: no yelling, no frustration (well, not none... sometimes the kids' lack of comprehension makes me go crazy, but I controlled myself!) His 'Aunt' Teri gave him a book from Cranium called "Funfolio jr. edition" and I tell you what: that thing produced many laughs! It is very interactive and has wonderful ideas for imaginative play. We laughed, Cameron cried he was laughing so hard, he learned some new things, he drew and INCREDIBLE picture... I wish every day could be this way. It makes me so excited for Cameron to go to school every day so I can have this time with Alexis. BUT how do I get one-on-one time with Cameron once he's in Kindergarten??? Here's hoping it works: because if every day could be like yesterday, then being a mom really IS the greatest thing in the world!


Amy said...

Oh that's hard! I struggle with that a lot. I love it when it's just me and Gwen...or me and Chloe. When we're all together I seem to just snap more. Can't wait until baby #3 arrives...(heh heh).

Anonymous said...

I'm SO SO SO glad you finally had one of these days. The one that makes it all worth it! I'm happy for you!!!

I'm glad you told me you are in Monticello because I've felt SO guilty about not calling but seriously, I've been getting out a lot the last few days and haven't been home for than few minutes at time! When do you get back? I think next week will be much slower around here and I'll be able to talk more.

Have fun! :)

Wendy said...

That's awesome! But even if you cant have days like that... can you imagine your life without those angels? Being a mom is the best thing in the whole world!! ;)