Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Top that, Taylor Swift!

I've been listening to Taylor Swift quite a bit lately. She reminds me of a cross between Cyndi Thompson & Jessica Andrews (both of whom I LOVE!). BUT... I just listened to some of her live stuff. And I gotta say, I've lost some respect for her. One person commented on her YouTube video by saying how great she was and then.., " I know her voice wasn't as good live as it is in the single, but who's is??" Ho, ho! I beg to difer! That's why there's WAY too many artists out there. Because they don't even have to be good live to be popular!!! Anyways, here's some stuff from some REAL artists (in my opinion!)

FYI, they don't start singing until 1 min. 5 sec.

That mandolin? SHEESH! I'm (kinda) sad because they changed it from the original version, but OH MY! I am such a sucker for the mandolin!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the song that brings back so many memories.

Get out your guitar, Amy. Now that you're FINALLY here, LET'S JAM!!!!!!!!!!!


Amy said...

Ya that about made me cry! So pathetic! Ya...we need some serious jammin' time! Oh, and I totally agree by the way. Having seen them in concert, they don't need ANYTHING but their own pure talents to make them sound good! I need to brake out my mandolin and actually learn how to play it! haha!

Anonymous said...

How come I never heard you sing? I'm kind of jealous that you have musical talents. I don't have any. I like to sing but I wish I'd had formal instruction or something. Maybe if we move back I can join your classes with the little girls LOL :)