Monday, March 5, 2012

Learning is fun!!!

I guess I'm lucky. My kids have always enjoyed learning. They never complain about homework (well, not yet anyways!). This activity is really fun because it doesn't require my assistance other than being in the room. My mom gave me these left-over stickers from school. I've seen other alphabet stickers in the dollar section at Target though.
Then I tell Alexis a word to spell. She just peels off the stickers and builds a word on another piece of paper! When we practice writing words, she'll get stuck on a letter and ask for my help. This way, I can be doing the dishes, sweeping, laundry, etc. and all I have to do is dictate the word! I also do not correct her spelling. She is a very phonetic speller and I allow her to spell it as it sounds. She has years ahead of working on her spelling! But, if she asks me what makes the 'oo' sound, I tell her. But if she doesn't ask and creates it a different way, I never let her know it's wrong. Here are some of her words from last week!
Grass, feel, trick =)

Have fun learning!!!


Tonii said...

Oohhh Jamy...I love this!! I never thought to use letter genius! Thank you so much for sharing :)

Fleck Family said...

What a great idea. I wish you were a mom when I was raising my kids and could borrow ideas.