Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

My husband is probably gagging at the title of this as we speak. Wait a minute, he doesn't even read the blog, so never mind!

Yesterday was the second day of spring break, and we were lucky enough to go to the aquatic center the first day. We had plans with some friends but they got sick. =(  So, I pulled out my box of containers, cereal boxes, lids, baby food cups, syrup bottles, etc. First (sorry no pictures) I gave the kids all the see-through containers I had. Lots of different shapes and sizes! I sent them on the deck with a giant pitcher of water and 5 different colors of food coloring. Throw in a few funnels, and they had a great time! They played for almost 2 hours with that. For my kids, that's record-breaking!

Then we played with a lizzard that was found in our yard! It was so fun! We named him 'Raichu'. Yes, we have Pokemon fans at our house. Cameron got out his field journal and drew a picture of him and wrote down facts that we observed. He also found the lizard in his 'Reptiles' book.

Finally, we made a marble run. I have seen these on the web for a while and wanted to build one with the kids. But school and homework and chores and dinner always get in the way of fun!!! We (again) pulled out our box of 'trash' and went to work designing! We used a t.p. roll, 2 liter soda bottle, a paper towel roll, Alexis' cheerleading yeller-into-thingy (yeah, I hated cheerleaders so why would I know what that's called?) a corn-dog box, an egg carton, a hot chocolate canister, and lots of masking tape! I loved the idea of taping it all to the wall. It was so easy and so fun to use trial and error to get it just how we wanted! It took some work getting the angle right so the marble would spin around the 2 liter bottle. I especially love our ending. Having the marbles drop into different egg slots instead of just plopping into a cup!

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Tyler said...

What do you mean I never read the blog?????
And just so you know, I don't mind that you are 'going green'!