Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pretend Play- Hairdresser

This was not planned at all, and was probably one of the funnest things we've ever done! I recently bought some detangler for Alexis hair (I didn't realize her hair was getting so long!). She was excited to use it on her hair. After I used it on her hair (and wow, does it work!) I remembered something I saw on Pinterest about using it on dolls hair. You are supposed to use a wig brush, but why would we have a wig brush? A regular brush still worked wonders! Okay, onto the fun part. Then she wanted to spray and brush my hair. Since it was already a frizzy mess anyways, I let her use as much spray as she wanted. Then I had an idea! Why not make her a professional hairstylist? At first she was confused with how I dressed her and some of the tools I gave her, but then she ran with it!
My blue shirt was her smock (is that what it's called?!) The scarf is her belt to hold all of her tools. The clothespin was pretend scissors so she could cut my hair!
We used lots and lots of spray!!!
"Hm... what should I use now?!"
When my hair was nice and 'detangled' she used an UNPLUGGED curling iron and straightening iron. I had a heck of a time getting pictures! hahaha
Ew, look at my nasty hair! Can I tell you how EXCITED I am to get it straightened in 3 weeks!!!!
She was very professional about it. We were not mother/daughter. We were hairstylist/client. I asked her lots of quesions about how she got into hairdressing.
How much do I pay?
How many people's hair have you cut?
How long have you been cutting hair?
-13 hours
How many people's hair have you detangled? (apparently that's a popular thing at salons nowadays!)
How many people's hair have you curled?
-Like 13
Where did you learn to cut hair?
-At preschool
What was your teacher's name?
-Mrs. Montheath (Cameron's old 2nd grade teacher!)
It was cute to hear her answers, but most of all, she does a character voice during pretend play. So fun!!! When was the last time you had your hair styled by a 4 year old? I highly recommend it! (Wait, don't plan on going anywhere after though!)

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I am so glad you posted pictures and the script that came out of this :D