Thursday, March 8, 2012

St. Patrick's Day!

I'm getting so excited for this seemingly unimportant holiday! Ever since I decorated 'the wall' for Valentine's day... I realized I should do that for EVERY holiday! Let me start off by saying, I don't LOVE this. I did do it for only $1 though! I think I could be a better decorator, given I had the money, supplies, and so on. BUT (any kid history fans out there? come on!) I don't have money for holiday decorating! I'd rather spend it on food and games for the holidays. I bought a wreath at the dollar store (and it was supposed to be WAY thicker! oh well) I used the only color green scrapbook paper I had, the last of my black construction paper, brads that I already had, and I had to print out the letters using a bold font (oh how I wish I had a cricut!) Anyways, with all that being said, here is my attempt at being holiday-ish! That's a word, right?

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