Sunday, July 13, 2008

Birthday bash

Cameron had a blast on his birthday! We went swimming for 3 hours and then came home to get ready for the birthday party. We had it at the park again, and while I feel bad that I don't throw 'activity' birthday parties yet, it's so easy and fun! The kids just play at the park in between cake and presents. I brought tons of bubble wands of different shapes and sizes and that only entertained them for about 2 minutes! Then they were back at the park playing. It was fun! Cameron loved his cake, but probably not as much as me. I was very happy with it. Enjoy the pictures!

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Anonymous said...

The cake turned out SO cute!
You look amazing in your swimsuit! You suck! ;)

Anonymous said...

"It was never a temptation for him as a child to 'see what it was like' and play with a gun because he was given opportunities to use them in a safe environment.

Very good point...thanks ;)

Amy said...

So I told you this on the phone, but I need to re-emphasize how incredible you look! I'm jealous! And way cute swim suit too!!!