Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Tyler's birthday was on the 7th, so Happy birthday to Tyler. We went to Sportsman's Warehouse and had him get a few things there for his birthday. Then we went out to eat but Tyler couldn't eat more than a few bites before he was full. We've all had the flu. Alexis got it first about 2 weeks ago and had it for SIX DAYS. UGH! Then Tyler, then me. Anyways, we're all better now and just having fun hanging out together! Tyler passed his EMT written test yesterday and still has a week and a half before he takes his practical test. After that we're off to Monticello for the 24th. He also has no cabinet jobs right now (good and bad). Bad for the obvious reasons, but good because I'm selfish and LOVE spending time together as a family!

It's Cameron and Alexis' birthday TODAY! I can't believe they are 1 & 4. I remember when Alexis was 2 days old and I was emotional + postpartum and bawling because she was a WHOLE 2 days old! I was so sad that 2 days had already gone by, and now it's been a year!

Cameron is pretty excited to finally say he's 4 years old. We're going swimming today and then coming home and getting ready for his party! It's a small party, but I figure I might as well do that while he's young and doesn't know the difference. Cameron is such a good boy. He is very obedient and such a huge helper. He loves Alexis and there is nothing he wouldn't do for her. He loves to play baseball and soccer. He is very laid back (like Tyler) and hardly ever complains. He is also the greatest example to me of being kind to others. He doesn't hesitate to say 'hi' to a neighbor passing by or someone he sees at church or at the grocery store. He is quick to forgive and is slow to anger. Yes, he can be LOUD and obnoxious. But he is not only a blessing in our lives, but a blessing to all who know him. I am very proud to be his Mother.

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Alexis is a sweetheart! She is very cuddly (mostly with her Daddy!) and loving. She absolutely ADORES her older brother. She is a much happier baby than Cameron ever was and she isn't scared to try new things. She likes adventure! (Again, like Tyler!) She loves going on slides, swinging, playing in the pool, rocking on a rocking horse, being thrown in the air, etc. She loves dumping water on her head (as seen in the previous post). (Something Cameron has JUST started doing in the last few months WITHOUT CRYING!) The difference between the 2 is astounding. It is fun to see their personalities unfolding as they get older.

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So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best, the cutest, the funniest, and the smartest kids in the whole universe. WE LOVE YOU CAMERON AND ALEXIS!


Rob and Tiff said...

Happy Birthday Tyler, Cameron and Alexis! We miss you guys a ton!

Amy said...

That about made me cry!!! So cute! Although the pictures of Alexis weren't working when I tried to look! But I'll try again later! But ugh...they are getting so big! Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Neighbor Kids (and Tyler too)! ;)

Hehehe I loved the picture of Cameron asleep in his green underware!

Nisha said...

I love this post! I sure thought your kids looked SO MUCH alike until I looked at the baby pics at the same time. Definitely family, but definitely their own little persons.

Nisha said...

PS We miss you too! And we're just around the corner:) Maybe we can do something about that! Bocce ball one night this week?