Thursday, July 17, 2008

What a goof!

I was reading Shanna's blog and her updated Munchkinisms. I just love hearing the cute and out-of-no-where things that kids say. So I thought I'd share some of Cameron's. These go a ways back. Sorry they are long. I have a hard time saying what I'm trying to say in a few short sentences!

July 2007 I was telling a friend that Cameron understands the consequences if he were to hit Alexis. I had reviewed it multiple times with him: I said, ‘If you hit Alexis, Mommy will flick you and you will get a time-out.’ So I ask Cameron (in front of my friend) if we can hit the baby. He said in a dramatic voice, ‘Nooo!’. I then ask him what would happen to him if he DID hit the baby. His response, ‘Mommy fick (flick) me’. I followed up with, ‘and you would get a?’. Expecting him to say, ‘time out’, I was amused when he responded, ‘big owie!’.

August 2007 Cameron was playing with some coins, when he told me he wanted to put them on his toes. I told him that was fine. A few minutes later, he told me to look. I glanced down at his feet so see he had put the coins in between his toes, and was holding them in place by squeezing his toes. He then said, ‘Yook! (look). I dinosaur. RARRR!’ I realized that, in fact, the coins between his toes looked like claws!

August 2007 Whenever Cameron has a cold, he gets a terrible runny nose. He was crying because his nose wouldn’t stop running. He said, with a frustrated voice, ‘My nose is coming down!’

Sept. 2007 Sometimes I will ask Cameron, ‘Do you know what Mommy needs? A hug.’ I must not have said it for a while, because I ask him: ‘Cameron? Do you know what Mommy needs? Can you guess what it is I need?’ He responded, ‘Your sunglasses?’

Oct. 2007 Cameron was pretending to be a frog and hopping around. He said, “I’m a fwog!” I usually ignore his simple grammatical errors, but this time I teasingly said, “You’re a fwog?” He replied, “No. Not FFFWWWOOOGGG!” Apparently in his ears, when he says fwog, it sounds like frog!

Oct. 2007 I had taught Cameron that his ‘nose was running’ or ‘dripping’ when he had a cold. So when his eyes started to water with a different cold, he said, ‘My eyes are dripping!’

Dec. 2007 Cameron was playing with a toy parachute attached to Donald duck. The strings on the parachute kept getting tangled up. We told Cameron that they were tangled up, and that we’d have to fix them. He said, ‘No I can. I will tangle them down.’

Dec. 2007 Cameron wanted to play with our spare change. He decided to make a snowman out of quarters! He just piled them one on top of the other, and I guess it looked like a snowman to him!

Dec. 2007 Cameron was playing with his friend, Ethan. They were running back and forth when Cameron decided he was going to play dead. He kept calling, ‘Ethan, I’m dead. Ethan, I’m dead.’ When Ethan did not pay attention to him, Cameron very loudly says, ‘E-cuse me, Ethan. I’M DEAD!’

Dec. 2007 I had a terrible sore throat and just felt miserable. I was laying on the couch, resting, and Cameron came over to see what was wrong. He then turns to Tyler and asks, ‘Hey, Dad? Can we say a blessing for Mommy?’

Jan. 2008 Cameron listens to music at night to help him fall asleep. He hollered at us one night after going to bed and said his music was off. Often he’ll turn it off by himself. I asked him if this was the case, and he said, ‘No. My music turned off by it’s music-self!’

Jan. 2008 I thought Tyler was in the garage, and opened the door to ask him something. I yelled, ‘Tyler? Tyler? Tyler?’ He never answered so I shut the door, and Cameron mumbled, ‘Forget it…’ I wonder where he got that from?! ;)

Jan. 2008 Cameron discovered a creative way of picking up all his matchbox cars. He puts them down his shirt while holding the bottom of his shirt against his body: creating a pouch for his cars. So at breakfast (after he had picked up his cars) he said in his prayer, ‘Grateful we can put our cars in our shirts and open our shirts and get them in there.’ (meaning his container for his cars!)

Jan. 30th 08 “Why is the sky blue?” Are we really to this stage already? MAN! Time flies!

Jan. 2008 He said this out of nowhere… “When you put those seaweeds in the grass and we put water in them and it grows pumpkins and we cut their teeth.”
Translation? “When we plant seeds in the ground, pumpkins grow and we make a jack-o-lantern” hahaha

Feb. 2008 Cameron was eating spaghetti for dinner and when I handed him his plate he immediately starting panicking. “But I don’t like these things!” he
protested, referring to the chunks of tomato and mushroom. ‘Fine,
Cameron, just push them aside with your fork. You don’t have to eat
them!’ Being Cameron’s turn to say the blessing, this is what was said,
“Dear Heavy Fayer. Grayful for this day. Grayful for my gupgetti and these things I won’t eat. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

Feb. 2008 Tyler and Cameron were at Target when Tyler needed to go to the bathroom. He took Cameron into the stall with him and said he would go first. Cameron is watching him go #1 and says, (loudly!) ‘WOW Daddy! That’s a LOT of potty coming out of your pee pee!’. Haha…

April 2008 Tyler, Cameron and I were hiding under a blanket. I told Cameron to straighten his legs and it would create a tent. I said, ‘Cameron has tent legs! Cameron has tent legs!’. Thinking I said, 'Ten legs', he said, ‘No… Two!’

April 2008 We were at Toys ‘R us for about an hour just walking around. Cameron got to look at tons of toys and even play with a few (like the trains and some video games). Right before we left I decided to look at some pretend food that was in the girls section of the store. Within two seconds of walking into the ‘pink’ area, Cameron asked, ‘What is this place?!’.

April 2008 Cameron was helping Tyler pick out a shirt to wear. Cameron said, “Which shirt do you want to wear? (while pointing) This one? Or… This one? Or fruit snacks? Or the bracelet? Or the mirror? Or the door?” Tyler asks him, “Cameron. What the heck are you talking about?” To which he replied, “Just everything…”

May 2008 For Mother’s Day I received 4 cards. 2 from Tyler, and one from each kid. Cameron handed me one of the cards, and I asked him, “Who’s this one from?” He replied, “Target.”

May 2008 We were in a public restroom and Cameron noticed some fake flowers on a shelf on a wall. He said, ‘Look, Mom! There’s hot dogs in the flowers!’. I looked up to see pussy willow in with the flowers.


Anonymous said...

OMG Jamy! Those are hilarious...I have so many favorite but I love the one from May '08...The card is from Target? LOL :) I'm glad you wrote those down!

Do not EVEN feel bad about having us over. It was such a relief knowing that I could continue to pack right up until it was time to come to your house without having to stop and make dinner! Plus I had to run to the UPS store to send off a page of our lease that didn't manage to get sent earlier that day. That would have thrown me into a tail spin if I'd had to make dinner too! We appreciate so much everything that you guys have done for us. I'm so glad that Jet was able to make friends with Cameron and that they got along SO well! It's almost unheard of at 3!!

You guys have been awesome neighbors and we're soooo going to miss you!

Rob and Tiff said...

So Cute! I'm so glad you shared all of those cute little moments with us. I got a good laugh out of them.

*Seminary hasn't started yet but the prep for it, girls camp, trying to find a new apartment and going on vacation is starting to stress me out a bit. :-)

Amy said...

I think my favorite ones were, "What is this place?" (the pink aisle)...I was laughing so hard!

And the sunglasses one! So cute!

Nisha said...

You should post these more often. I could picture Cameron saying each one! I was cracking up!! I can't pick a favorite. Too many made me laugh out loud.

Izzieluv!!! said...

Hey it's lizzie fleck! I found your blog off my moms! these just made me giggle! ha ha I liked my nose is coming down! and I'll tangle it down

Kyla said...