Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I'm taking this game off of Michelle's blog ... Here's how it goes-

1. As a comment on my blog leave a memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you know me well or not so well, anything you remember.
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and people will leave a memory about you. It's a fun way to get to know each other better.


Fleck Family said...

You playing the piano with your girlfriend. I know it isn't really a memory of you and I but it was something that really stuck with me so cute. I am just loving getting to know you :)
<3 Helen

Brother and Sister Harker said...

I remember when I was first getting to know you and you told me about when Danny and I spoke in church and you were curious... I remember thinking that I liked you because you were very out spoken, just like me.

Amy said... want me to pick one memory? Well...let's break it up:

1. You asking me about my curly hair
2. Us finding out we had EVERYTHING in the world in common.
3. Going to the SLCC student ward together, and never listening to any of the lessons because we were in our own little world!
4. Finding out we both play the guitar...oh what a moment!
5. Singing at the Banquet...need I say more?
6. Singing/playing in front of Floyd...
7. Going through bad dates together.
8. Meeting our husbands around the same time.
9. Getting engaged in the same week or so??
10. Getting married a day apart
11. Having our children close together...
12. Pretty much going through such similar trials...and different things that we had no doubt that Heavenly Father had a hand in us meeting each other and becoming best friends...EVER!!!!!

Cody, Britt, and Gage said...

When you were super duper pregnant with Cameron in Monticello at the 4th of July parade, and Cody thought that you were the cutest pregnant woman that he had ever seen because you were so tiny and had a giant belly!

Rob and Tiff said...

Haha, I remember the last time we came to your house to play. It was our last night together before we moved. We stayed up late playing games and having a good time then as we were ready to walk out the door we discovered your basement had flooded. So we spent another hour or so helping you clean up the water. What a night! Love ya to death. Thanks for being such an awesome person.

Gagnon said...

Thanks for the encouragement I'll need it! Cute blog! I will add a memory....the first time I met you at scrapbooking group and we chatted about all the cute movie stars!

Nisha said...

Hands down - favorite memory is when we played Dance Dance Revolution at the bowling alley. I haven't laughed that hard since then.

Anonymous said...

Ok I have several but I liked helping you organize your kitchen cupboard and pantry - I thought it was so funny that you were worried about the top of your fridge ;)
My only regret is I never got to come and help with your linen closet ... I bet it doesn't even need it though!

Michelle G. said...

I remember meeting you and you were so nice and made us a yummy dinner. Also when I had Alaria you brought dinner (am I hungry or what?) and you made this fabulous chocolate chip banana bread and I ate the entire loaf myself!

LJ and DC said...

uh dude, that is the cutest background EVER! I LOVE it. As the only person commenting on here who knew you from your younger years (or at least who is commenting on them) let me just say that you have always been one of the sweetest girls I know. And of course, we had more than a few hyper good times together.

Kyla said...

2 words:
McDonalds, garbage


Too many memories to choose from!