Saturday, July 19, 2008


What is with movies these days? (Do I sound old, or what?) UGH! THEY SUCK! To be fair, we did see one GREAT one, and a few good ones. They are as follows:

The GREAT one? "GET SMART"! It was absolutely hilarious! We were a little nervous because we went into it with pretty high expectations and at least for us, they were met. We laughed SO hard at so many different times through the movie.

The Good ones (nothing special, but that's still saying a lot for me if I didn't DISlike them)

#1) August Rush
#2) 27 dresses
#3) PS I love you
#4) Nancy Drew

They aren't in any kind of order. August Rush gave me chills through the whole movie. That's never happened before! It was kinda slow, but such a great story (minus creepy Robin Williams) and of course I LOVE Jonathan Rhys Meyers! 27 dresses was so much better than I thought it would be (probably because I went into it with L-O-W expectations) and I LOVE James Marsden! PS I love you was sweet, but I can't stand Hillary Swank. That's okay, I love Gerard Butler! (Okay, I'm done loving on the boys) =) Nancy Drew was just a cute kids movie. Nothing spectacular, but the main actress I thought did a superb job. I'm hoping to see her in more movies.

Okay, now the bad ones. And these are only the movies, mind you, we've seen VERY recently! Spiderwick, Vantage Point, 10,000 BC, Definitely maybe, Jumper, Seeker, The other Boelyn girl, Lars and the Real Girl, No reservations. Should I even delve into the reasons I hated these movies? Probably not. Let's just say, I couldn't pick the worst one if I tried. Enough negativity- Here's some of my FAVS! She's the man, Ocean's 11, Runaway Bride, Pillow Talk, Newsies, Big Fish, Bend it like Beckham, Mean Girls, Bourne, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Freaky Friday, DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS!!!, Ferris Bueller's Day off, Strange Brew (eh), My Big Fat Greek Wedding, My Best Friend's Wedding, Meet The Robinsons, and the list could go on for a while. Anyways, here's hoping that helped Melissa!


Anonymous said...

LOL you didn't like 10,000 BC eh? Yeah, we were glad we didn't spend more than a buck on it ourselves! PS I Love You was good!
I'm excited to see's rated PG-13...I am a little torn to let Sierra and Jet watch it. What makes it PG-13?

Brother and Sister Harker said...

I so know what you mean, although I did like Lars and The Real Girl. OK so you better go check out my blog because there is a surprise for you on it!

Amy said...

I agree with you on almost everything. Actually there was a lot that I haven't seen on your list! But 27 Dresses was kind of low on my list! Even though I love James Marsden! I just didn't believe that the two of them would be together! Loved the story though!

And your whole list of movies that you love...of course almost all of those are my fav's too! haha!

Michelle G. said...

I'm so excited to see Get Smart! I'm glad to hear you liked it!

raising4boys said...

I really didn't like PS I love You.

But a lot of your all time favorites are mine too :)

Nisha said...

Agreed for the most part. At least we can always count on a few really good ones at Christmas time.

Fleck Family said...

I so have to buy August Rush!!!! Lizzie and I went to see it twice in the theater. You left Juno out of the mix though that I guess really isn't a family movie. Love love love it though

Kim said...

If you haven't watched "Penelope" yet it is pretty cute. I went into it with low expectations as well (You pretty much have to now a days!) and I really liked it. I even let my girls watch it, and I am pretty picky about what they can watch. I have some great books for you also. The Paper Bag Princess and CinderEdna. They are childrens books, fairytales with a twist. I think you will like them.