Saturday, October 18, 2008


Today was McKensie's funeral. I went to the viewing and just lost it! I don't know why I was such a wreck, but I was. So I gave Tiffany's mom, Pam, a big hug, and then got to see Tiffany. I miss her so much! I bawled and told her I was sorry for her loss. I explained that there was no way I would make it through the funeral in one piece, and as usual, she was understanding and told me it was fine if I left. I worried I would regret it later in the day, but I haven't. It was good that I left. I'm no good in those situations. REALLY not good. Anyways, it was FANTASTIC seeing Tiffany: even though it's a sad time, and I was bawling the whole time!

That's me. How's everyone else's weekend?!


Anonymous said...

I would guess that you were a wreck because no one wants to think of a teeny tiny baby as not surviving. It's just sad.

Our weekend is going swimmingly ;) I'll blab all about it tomorrow LOL

Amy said...

I went on their blog and that about killed me! And I don't even know them. I just imagined being in that situation, I think I would be a wreck! It's my worst fear to lose a child! Ugh!

Crystal said...

Yeah I dont handle funerals so well either so dont feel too bad. Um it wasnt bad actually for the scarecrow festival. Most everything is included in the entry fee. $10 for kids 2-17, $5 for adults and free for kids under 2. But face painting was extra $2-4 depending on what you want and then $2-5 for pumpkins. I had 6 kids with me so it added up to be more extra than I was expecting but it really wasnt bad