Monday, October 20, 2008

Here we go!

Cameron asks a lot of questions. I guess I'm the one that started it. Whenever we're reading a book, if we come to a word I think he might not know, I ask him. Then I explain what that word means. So we're reading the scriptures last night and this is how it goes. (Mosiah 11:2) "For behold, he did not keep the commandements of God, but he did walk after the desires of his own heart. And he had many wives and concubines-" Cameron: "What's concubines?" Insert laugh from me and Tyler here. Tyler: "Um...." Now this would have been a lot easier to explain had we had the 'sex' talk with him. But he hasn't asked so we haven't gone there. Me: "Um, it's girls that do naughty things." continued "...Yea, and they did commit whoredoms-" Cameron: "What's whoredoms?" Insert even bigger laugh here. Tyler: "It's those naughty things that those girls do" Thank heavens Cameron was happy with those answers! Let's have the basic sex talk before we delve into that. Hahahaha

So yesterday, Tyler said, "Remember that word Cameron used to say? Eepths? What did it mean?" We thought and thought and then reffered to our word document that explains Cameron's pronunciations for words and then what the word actually IS! (Big difference as you will soon see) So I looked it up and it was 'octopus'! So I thought I'd list all the words he said here. It was funny to read through them and think that our well speaking 4-yr. old used to say stuff like this.

Pronunciation: Actual word!

Knee Again
Heen Hungry
Bot Dropped
Doe-tee Donut
Mong Grandma
Mam Banana
Aps Animals
Dotcher Helicopter
Eepths Octopus
Eep Help
Beece Blanket
Thlo-thlo Window
Fawf Waffle
Sewou Cereal
Gakes Thanks
Wulh-kuh You’re Welcome
Wee-lope Ribbit (like a frog)
Backseat Basket

And then a bit later it became this:

TORet Turtle
Mells Smell
MYsoul Smile
CARE-see Scary
Opper-dotcher Helicopter
Foke Smoke (this one was scary! haha)
Baksee Basket
Fwippers Slippers
OrinGEES Oranges
BIRlees Birdies
Way puck Wake up
Pray-a-sent President
Go-er Girl

So this post is just random, but when I saw 'Fawf' it made me think of the 'Waffle Dance' Cameron used to do. The other boy is a Parker, a boy I used to babysit. Anyways, this was shortly after Cameron's eye surgery so that's why his eye looks a little funny.


Rob and Tiff said...

I love the waffle dance and the long hesitation at the end when you asked them to do a high five. So cute!

Amy said... cute!!! There are things Chloe says now that I'll actually be sad when she says them correctly! Is that bad? I guess I just don't want her to get older!

Gwen now uses words like...fusterated (frustrated) or udderwise (otherwise)...or probly (probably)! Seems like such grown up words! I can't believe our kids are just growing up so fast!

Seems like just yesterday when we had Gwen and Cameron in their car-seats watching Baby Einstein while we played games! Ahhh...the days!

Kyla said...

AHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I remember Opper Dotcher the most. HAHAHA. Oh Cameron, why did he have to learn to speak... it was soo cute. (Totally kidding, I'm sure you love being able to communicate with your kid). :)

Anonymous said...

Awww ;) Those are CUTE. I wish I had written those things down too. Jet still thinks it's hilarious to say
I love goyler the best ;)

Emily said...

I just got your message on my blog.
The sugar is called "sugar in the raw" I just got it at the grocery store, it's a more coarse sugar, with a slightly carmel like appearance. I don't think they refine it quite like white sugar. Plain old sugar would work just as well, but that coarse sugar is really great when it makes a nice crispy top on your pumpkin bread! (and it's also good on oatmeal!)

raising4boys said...

They have their own language don't they? Just glad Mom's have the gift of tongues.

My favorites are sewou, gakes, and fwippers. So fun to remember these and I enjoyed the video.