Monday, October 6, 2008


I need a new mop. I've broke the last two I've had in the past month! (Nevermind how I broke them...) I found two on Amazon (I LOVE AMAZON!) with great reviews. So check out the links and let me know which you think would work best on my BIG kitchen floor!

Mop #1

Mop #2


Nisha said...

I'd go with option 2. It looks more lighweight. I also like that the part that actually touches the floor is more square rather than rectangle.

Amy said...

My first instinct was to go with option #1. BUT...I've never tried one like #2, so it might be better. Who knows! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I would definitely go with #1. It looks much more scrubalicious. I've used a mop similar to #2 and it would be nice for light in-between mops but not for the down and diry scrubbing that comes with kids (and a husband!)


Good luck

Brother and Sister Harker said...

Me don't no? I love amazon too!

raising4boys said...

I have no idea. I need a new mop too. Personally I like the second one. I think you can wash the mop head.

Thanks so much for the compliment today. You are so sweet! I need to come and check out your hair dryer.