Friday, October 31, 2008

Be honest...

I know you all took some of your kids' Halloween candy. What is your favorite? I was at a neighbors house chatting and she said her 'Airheads' were gone like THAT! (I snapped my fingers, by the way) I was shocked! Airheads? Puh-lease! What about the chocolate? I couldn't believe that kids were chosing chewy, slimy, gooey watermelon and other artificial flavors over CHOCOLATE! So now I'm curious. What's your favorite (halloween) candy? Oh, and I hope everyone had a great Halloween!


Shanna said...

We got home last night and the kids made a HAUL. I mean a FULL bowl (you know, the orange and black halloween bowls at Wal-Mart) PLUS (yes, PLUS) TWO gallon size ziploc bags! And we were only gone for like an hour. Serioulsy the people here hand out buckets full. Plus there weren't that many people around here that are even passing out candy. Only like every third house was doing it. But they made out like bandits.

SO...we got home and I put Jet to bed because he was a total grump (see tomorrows pics LOL) and then the girls dumped all the candy out and started asking me what I wanted. How cool are they. Here's the weird part - I got Reeses PB Cups, Almond Joys, 3 Musketeers, Chick-O-Sticks (mmm), and some other random things that they think are "gross". What is wrong with kids today? More for ME!

What about YOU?

Kyla said...

Favorite halloween candy? So, I know I don't have kids to steal candy from...but if I was able to steal from my kids candy I would probably steal:
Milky Way
Milk Duds
Any kind of chocolate with toffee
100 Grand
...get the picture? I'd steal it ALL!!!!

Brother and Sister Harker said...

I LOVE airheads! I buy them and crave them all the time. That is what I would have picked too.

Nisha said...

I'm not sure what my fav. is..maybe Twix or Reese's (that's what I took from my Mom's trick - o - treat bucket). We only took Sophie to about 5 houses and she got a lot that she can't eat and we won't eat - like the pink bubble gum and Now and Laters. Adam was really excited she got a Fun Dip and asked her to share it with him. I used to love Snickers, but they are pretty gross to me know.

raising4boys said...

I bought chocolate for the trick or treaters because that's my favorite! I asked my boys what their favorite candy was; Kyle said Milk Duds and Dots. Eric said Air heads as he shoved one in his mouth (he must have gone to your neighbors house Halloween night) I don't usually buy that sugary crap. Gross!!

raising4boys said...

And yes, I sneak candy from their buckets...they don't need all that candy :) Hope you are feeling OK from your dentist appointment today.