Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I've been trying to write this post for over a week now. What can I say? Life just gets busy. So when Tyler was gone hunting for a week, we had ourselves some fun! We really lucked out that there were so many things to do that week for CHEAP! 1st we went and got free ice cream, courtesty of Coldstone. After eating at IHOP (man, I hate that place). I thought we could all use a night out and my kids are so picky, I figured I couldn't go wrong with pancakes! Later that week we went to Cornbellys for only $1 a person! Thanks again, Nisha, for the heads up! We went with Tammy, Dawson, and Alyssa. We all had an amazing time. There was stuff for all ages, so even Alexis and Alyssa had fun! And if you don't believe how excited Cameron was? Just watch this video:


Then, as customers of Allstate, there was a customer appreciation day at Scera park. There were a few games, great food, the huge park that's right there, and tethered hot air balloon rides! We hardly went high at all and my knuckles were white I'm sure. I'm such a chicken. I feel so bad for Tyler sometimes! I must not be very fun. The first pictures are of Cameron being a cat. Yes, you read right. A cat. He got the idea from Dawson, who taught Cameron to be his pet! I personally love when CAmenro is a cat because it's suddenly very quiet around the house. Why, you ask? "Well, cats can't talk." "If you want a snack, say 'meow, meow'" Yeah, why does he have cereal on his face? "Oh, cats don't have hands to wipe off their faces, so they have to use their tongues to get the food off" Man, I'm so mean!

The last pictures are of Cameron and his bunny: Cameron. And Cameron #2 (the bunny) is also 4 yrs. old! This is the bunny he got from the sweetest nurse ever, when Cameron was taken to ER at 12:45 am about a month ago. He was having breathing problems (croup? who knows...) and I wasn't about to drive him myself! Anyways, after riding in an ambulance (I'm sure everyone's heard the story from Cameron) we waited in the ER for a few hours. The nurse fell in love with Cameron and brought him said bunny. He's never been so attached to anything in his life. Anyways, these pictures are Cameron teaching Cameron #2 to fold his arms during the prayer. I just love it!

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Shanna said...

I love Cornbellys! So glad you got out and had fun ;) And IHOP for dinner?! YUM!

Shanna said...

Oh, I forgot to ask - how come yu don't have a profile picture anymore?

Rob and Tiff said...

Sounds like you had some good times. I'm glad you were able to keep yourself occupied while your hubby was out of town.

Oh BTW, thanks for thinking I'm awesome. :-)

Shanna said...

Yes you just add one in your settings, then Edit Profile :) It was the picture of Cameron and Alexis in the car.

Kyla said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!

Emily said...

OKAY-- my Benny always eats on the floor and pretends to be a cat. Is this a boy thing? Should we be worried??!

I love all of your fun activities!

Crystal said...

thats soo cute! I took my kids to cornbellys last fall and they loved it. good times

raising4boys said...

I'm glad you kept busy while Tyler was gone hunting. It's never easy being a single parent.

I love Cameron's bunny and him eating like a cat. All adorable pictures.