Thursday, October 23, 2008


I went to pick Cameron up from pre-school yesterday and was greeted by his teacher, who looked a bit worried. She informed me that Cameron was punched in the face! She gauged my exprsesion very carefully, but was probably unprepared for my response. I started to laugh. Why? I don't know. He came running happily to me as soon as he saw me (before his teacher even told me of the incident. I knew he was fine. Maybe that's why I wasn't too concerned. She explained that Cameron and an autistic boy in his class were running for the same chair at snack time. The other boy decided that, come what may, he was sitting there! So he punched him in the eye! I guess it was commical because they're FOUR! And I can see hitting, or pushing, but punching in the eye? It just reminded me of something that would occur in junior high! I asked if Cameron cried and they said he did a tiny bit. I laughed again, and said, "Well, now you know why. Because we don't make a big deal when he gets hurt." Then I felt I should add, "And that's probably why he'll grow up dysfunctional!" They put ice on it, and you can hardly see the bruise under his eye. I tried taking a picture of his eye, and it doesn't even SHOW a bruise. So when we were walking home, I asked him, "What did it make you feel when he punched you?" 'Sad.' "Did it hurt?" 'Yeah. Reeealllly bad.' "When he punched you, did you punch him back?" 'Nooooooooooooo...' "And how did that make Heavenly Father feel?" 'Soooooooo happy!' I was glad he was mature (or stunned!) enough not to hit back. Never know what a day at preschool will bring!


Amy said...

Ok...that was so cute! The part where he said it made Heavenly Father happy that he didn't punch back! I just told John, and we were laughing so hard! Such a cute story! And you're is a little funny imagining little 4 year olds in a fist fight! haha!

Nisha said...

What has the world come to?!?!?! Four year olds punching....the end is near. Just kidding :)

Anonymous said...

Awww he's SO headed for the bad crowd, that one.


I'm glad he didn't cry like crazy and flip out on the other kid. Not that he would but you know those wild and crazy 4 year olds!

Oh. BTW I was informed by Jenna that SHE had been informed by a mom of a boy with Autism that it is "politically incorrect" to say that a child IS Autistic. You're supposed to say they HAVE Autism.
Whatev. Just thought I'd throw that in there for useless information of the day ;)

Amy said...

by the way...that new profile picture of you is so stinkin' cute! Alexis looks adorable and you just look plain ol' hot! :)

raising4boys said...

Way to go Cameron!! Such a good SUNBEAM :)

Rob and Tiff said...

What a cute little guy! He sure is one tough cookie to take it with only a few tears. I would have cried like a baby I'm sure.
I love that you started laughing when the teacher told you.

Kyla said...

Way to go Cameron! I'm not gonna lie, this whole situation just makes me love the kid even more! I like men who have taken a hit or two... even given some... haha.
I'm impressed how well he took it too.