Friday, September 26, 2008

I can't remember...

What should I do with Alexis tomorrow while Cameron is at school? I'm so used to him entertaining her (for the most part). It's been so long since I've had any long stretch of time with a child this age. Even my own! I can't even remember how to play with them. Hmmmm. Any suggestions?

Oh yeah, and what kind of a mom am I- if I have to ask this kind of a question?!


Anonymous said...

LOL you're an awesome mom!!

Maybe sit her on the floor and roll a soft ball back and forth? Maybe she's still too young for this...I don't remember! Or I used to LOVE sitting on the floor with a book to read then give the baby a magazine (that you're going to throw out anyway) and just let them go to town with it! They love it and you get a few minutes of reading time in ;)

Amy said...

Usually when I'm lazy I just lay on the floor and let the kids crawl all over me! Usually lasts a while. (can't do that anymore though!)

But I say building blocks is fun. You build...she knocks them over! Just get on her level and maybe let her take the lead! If she starts crawling somewhere, crawl after her. She might like that you're taking interest in her world!

That's just what my girls used to love! And you're not a bad mom for having to ask that! Sometimes we (moms) just need ideas!!!

raising4boys said...

I know how you feel. You get so use to one thing and it is strange to have that routine switched up.

You could take her for a walk, blow bubbles, or play on the floor like Amy said. Any chance of getting her to take a nap during that time?

Fleck Family said...

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