Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Modeling Material???

So everyone tells me how cute Alexis is. Well, DUH? So I entered her in a contest through Parents magazine. The theme was 'discovery' and the pictures needed to be related to said child discovering something new. Anyways, I posted 6 pictures, and am now just PRAYING she makes it into the top 5! What are my chances? Probably not good. As of today, there are 18,964 contestants! Although, some of those kids are kinda scary. Yes, I know I'm going to hell. It's okay, Tyler'll be there with me. He was saying, "YIKES!" as much as me! So, most of you have said at one point that Alexis is cute. If you actually believe it, then do me a favor and click here and vote for Alexis. PLEASE! Yes, it would be cool to have her picture on the cover of a magazine, but mostly? I just want the trip to NEW YORK!!! C'mon Alexis, make mommy proud.


Shanna said...

At first I thought oH for sure the one of her in her swimsuit was the cutest but then I saw her in her stripped PJs in the stripped box and THAT has to be the winner! Fun!! How do I vote? With the stars? (did that)
Good luck!!

Nisha said...

So, am I totally challenged? Where is the link to go vote?

Kyla said...

I voted. :) ALL stars all the way baby!