Saturday, September 13, 2008

More Cameronisms

Cameron, I don’t want you to get older.
Maybe you can just stay 4 forever.
Because I’m afraid when you get older you won’t like me anymore.
(With a somber and worried look on his face) “I have to stay 4?”
No, sweetie. You don’t.
“So I can grow up?”
Yes. (just without my permission…)

Alexis was playing with my keys and trying to unlock the front door. I started laughing at her attempt. Cameron asked what I was laughing at and I told him Alexis was trying to unlock the door. He runs in saying, “I want to see!” By this time, she’s done trying that and instead chewing on the keys. Cameron said, “She’s trying to unlock herself!”

We were looking for rocks on the sidewalk to paint into pumpkins. Cameron saw some large landscaping rocks across the street. While pointing, he says, “Look at those huge, huge, huge, heaviest rocks I’ve never seen!"

Cameron was wrestling with Tyler, when Tyler pulled at his shorts to try and take him down. Cameron yelped and said, "Ah! Don't pull off my tushy!"

Anyways, here's the pumpkins we made! One of Cameron's reminds me of Jack on "Nightmare before Christmas". Hahaha. Not sure why!

Of course I had to make some, too!


Anonymous said...

So jealous that you got to do this project BEFORE me! The girls gathered rocks on Friday on their way home from school but we never got around to doing it. Maybe today after school?
The ones Cameron did are too cute! What did you use for the stems? I bought felt but I'm not sure how to get it to stick up...

Alexis is trying to unlock herself! So sweet ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot to ask - if you go into your Dashboard and Layout then Add Element (or whatever) can you add Followers to your blog yet? Just wonderin' ;)

Amy said...

What a cute idea...I might have to do that with Gwen and Chloe!!! Loved the Cameron-isms!

Heather said...

Oh, Cameron! REally cute! I love the idea about the rocks...aren't you creative!

Emily said...

OH! You made them!

I love them, the scribble faces are priceless. Keep them for always. When you pull stuff like that out of a box when you are 90, you will cry your eyes out! ;)

raising4boys said...

Those are adorable pumpkin rocks. I'm getting excited for FALL.

Love the funny's. They are always my favorite.