Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Man, you are one pathetic loser!"

I thought of this quote (about myself) the second I walked through the door last night. I went to the grocery store after I put the kids to bed. When I left, I saw a HUGE spider on the lawnmower. Immediately I thought, "HOW am I going to get back in the house? I don't want to walk past that thing again!" If you haven't guessed it by now, I am deathly afraid of those 8-legged FREAKS! So when I got home, as soon as the garage door was opening, Mister spider decides he's awake and going to shimmy down his spider-web from the mower to a box. So of course I have to see him move. UGH! EW! BLEGH! I hate seeing them move. It's bad enough if they're still! So I called Tammy and said,
"What am I gonna do?"
'Spray it with bug spray' she tells me.

#1, I have to walk past the spider to GET to the bug spray. #2, I'm not brave enough to get that close to it. #3, I have to see it MOVE as it's writhing in pain on it's way to death. Uh-uh. So she says,
'Why don't you throw something at it so it'll move?'
"I don't want to see it move!"
'But then maybe it'll go and hide.'
"I don't want it to hide, because then I'm gonna worry all night that it crept into the house!"

I decide to drive around to the front and go in that way to unload the groceries. As I approach the front door, I realize I don't' have my house key! There goes that idea. So I'm back at the garage. I could just call Tyler, but he's sleeping since he has to wake up to go to work in 2 hrs. So I actually went to a neighbors house to see if their lights were on. They were. So I called said neighbor and asked if the husband would mind coming over and killing a spider for me. (It's about 9:30, BTW) He comes and kills the spider and I'm apologizing for calling so late and for something so stupid.
"I really appreciate it, I'm so afraid of spiders!"
'I know' he replies. 'Don't you remember I came and killed a spider for you a while back?'

Vague recollection. This must've been 3 years ago.

"Oh, well then I really feel like a loser for having you kill another one for me!" Oh well. Any other pathetic losers out there? No? Just me? Alright. I'll deal with it.


Amy said...

Okay...that made me cry I was laughing so hard!!! I'm sorry though...! Glad he was able to help!

Nisha said...

Thanks for the good laugh Jamy!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhh Jamy! That does NOT make you pathetic! ROFL so hard!! I hate seeing them move too - especially those big 'uns in the garage!! UGH! It CRACKS me up that you called a neighbor! Who did you call?

BHAHAHAHA!! Still laughing here!! ;)

Remind me to tell you about how I got the bee out of our house some time ;)

raising4boys said...

Good thing you didn't ask Randy, he is really afraid of spiders too.

I'm surprised Tammy didn't come and catch it for you :)

Tinabean said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today.
It's been so fun meeting new people.
I absolutely hate spiders also, they literally make me want to throw up.
About the feed jet you can get to it by clicking on mine & it will show you how to get your own.
You can see everyone that comes to your blog, how they got there & how they leave it's actually really fun & cool.
Let me know if you need any help, thanks again!

Brother and Sister Harker said...

oh my hell Jamy I am so scared of spiders. I so would have done the same thing. I hate seeing them move too, seriously I start shaking and stuff.
Oh and about your comment on my blog, I was not offended by what you said because we were already joking about it, and you are my friend not a complete stranger.

LJ and DC said...

That is hillarious! Lucky thing you didn't marry my hubby, he needs me to kill spideies for him!

Crystal said...

hahaha, I feel ya there. I hate spiders too, I've always had Tiffany kill them for me, but a couple weeks ago at work my friend found one on the side walk and I manned up and caught the thing, but I was like shaking all day. Check out my post about it

Kyla said...

OK, so, Jamy? If there is a spider anywhere in the house, I won't be able to sleep knowing it's around. Let alone be in the room. SO I feel your pain.
I STILL wake up my mom in the middle of the night so she can come kill a spider.
Your story makes me squirm, I feel for you. And props to your neighbor for saving the day.

Fleck Family said...

Jamy you crack me up! That doesn't make you a loser, there are other things that makes you a loser silly hehe
You can totally call me next time you see one I will come kill it. Now if it was a lizard or a snake leae me COMPLETELY out of it *shudder*
you make me laugh though don't worry about being scared of spiders very common at least you are a girl afraid of them, my brother screams like a girl when he see's one. :)

Crystal said...

here ya go, my post without the pictures, and dont feel bad it still grosses me out and shocks me that I actually caught the thing. And yup Im still nannying, I love it!

So with the kids back at school its been kind of boring at the house to be honest. Although that doesnt mean I havent been busy. Just different without all the noise. Today I decided to leave early to pick up Tember so that Dylan could play on the toys for a little bit. As we were climbing into the car, I noticed my friend Sara and her cute kids on a walk. She says, you've got to see this, so I unbuckled Dylan and I never expected to see this. Just sitting on the sidewalk. I didnt really think it was real, and then it moved! Needless to say there were a few startled screams. Well it went off into the grass, and I had butterflies going crazy in my belly cause I was stressed it was just loose somewhere. But I had to go pick up my girl from Kindegarten. When we got back, I saw Sara and her two year old outside, and a windex bottle in the grass near where we'd left old spidey. So Im like what are you doing, and shes says her husband wanted her to catch it and she asked me to help her. The butterflies went crazy. So I took the gloves and a little sandbox shovel and scooted him into the tupperware, and then we needed the lid and he got out, and then I got him back in again, and securely closed the lid. Now dont worry anyone, its a lid the has a hole so you can stick it in the microwave, so he can breathe. Later we even gave him a lady bug. Anyone have a clue, what kind of spider this is. Its big so I figure its a Tarantula, but shoot I dont really care what it is, its scary. hahaha, Im proud of myself for being brave though. And thanks to Sara for her pictures, I took a few with my phone, but they just werent as good. A neighbor who lives down the street said that this spider we found was a baby and that they used to have a lot more of them. Yuck. Im like, Im never going outside again now thanks. And I was paying so much more attention to where I was walking in the grass. Haha, as you can see it was an exciting day! Thanks Sara for the fun you brought to my day, love ya hun

Anonymous said...

HOLY! Way to go on this post's comment counts! Now you'll have 12 ;)

The other night when we were at the park and I pretended to be on the phone I was kind of nervous because I was sitting there thinking WHO should I call?? I was't sure if the kids could hear me so I didn't want them to hear me say "Hey! Go along with me..." LOL :)
I'll keep ya in mind if we see them again ;)