Saturday, September 6, 2008


I'm so excited: Tyler got a new job! No more crappy hours! (Well, only for another 2 weeks!) He will be starting a Rad Tech Assistant job in 3 weeks! He'll give his 2 weeks notice tomorrow night when he goes back into work. He'll work there for 2 weeks, (that last day being a Sunday) and that Tuesday he'll leave for the deer hunt. He gets to hunt until SUNDAY! I'm so excited he has the chance to go for a longer time without having to worry about missing work. He's all prepared to get a trophy buck and SWEARS he's not killing anything small until the last day! Hahaha... I'm hoping he gets something big, but at the same time I know he'll want it mounted if it's any bigger than the buck we already have hanging on our wall! Anyways, I'm so proud of him for sticking to his decision about Rad Tech and this will be such a great stepping stone in reaching this career goal. Now let's all cross our fingers that come March he gets accepted to the program!

On to other exciting news, I'm sure you've noticed the Widget. Thanks to Shanna, (and I do mean, LOTS AND LOTS OF THANKS!) she figured out how to put the picture on the background, since I'm a moron! I seriously spent HOURS trying to figure it out, and I'm sure she had it done in 45 minutes! ANYWAYS, YES! We're going to see Jason Mraz, 5TH ROW!!!!!!! YEAH, BABY! I'm so excited! I'm still trying to win front row/backstage passes on the radio, but now we have a back-up plan! And 5th row?! OH MY GOSH! I'm sure I'll have some kind of poster and be yelling lots of 'I LOVE YOU's. hahaha... Poor Tyler, I'm sure I'll embarrass him many times, but I don't even care! JASON MRAZ!

I've had so much other stuff happen that I'd love to blog about, but no time. If you really wanna know, just call me. Otherwise, it doesn't matter: I'll have new stuff to blog about later anyways! Haha... Congrats Tyler, and thanks again Shanna!


Shanna said...

Woot Tyler! Congrats! I'm sooo glad things finally came together for you guys :)

And no problem!

Shanna said...

Oh! And I meant to tell you that picture of Jason Mraz looks a LOT like Tyler to me.
Weird huh? Not sure what it is. But you can tell him that for me LOL

What are you going to do while Tyler is hunting? You're so nice to let him go!

The Man has the next 4 days off so I'm sure I'll be MIA in the real world but I'd LOVE to hear your other news!

Amy said...

HOORAY!!!!!! That is so nice, for both of you! I'm so excited, tell Tyler I said congrats!

And I'm jealous you get to see Jason Mraz, but I'm so happy for ya!

Rob and Tiff said...

That's so awesome Congrats Tyler. It sounds like it will be a nice break from a very long schedule. Good luck with the program.

Have fun at your concert, it sounds like you will have a blast.

raising4boys said...

That is such great news. It's always nice to have a "normal" work schedule. That will be a nice break for him to go hunting too. We'll keep our fingers crossed for March.

Michelle G. said...

Congrats on the job and have fun at the concert! That is awesome!

Berrett's said...

Well well! How in the world are ya?? YOUR kids are adorable by the way! Little blondies huh? fun fun! Congrats to Tyler on a new job...that is always nice to have better hours! And yes that will be fun for you to go to Jason Mraz...jealous i am. :)well i'm excited you found me and now i can check out your blog!!