Sunday, August 31, 2008

tone deaf

That's Cameron. But I love that he doesn't realize it! I hope that he never realizes it, because it might stop him from singing. The kid loves to sing. The problem is that he sings the same song over and over and over and over and over X 50 more overs. Let me clarify: he'll sing one song about 20 times in a row, then switch to another song which he sings another 20 times in a row, and so forth. Today I think he's sung, 'Called to Serve' about 50 times (NO EXAGGERATION), 'When Jesus Christ was baptized' about 20, and 'Popcorn popping' about 3. The kid is amazing at memorization. That is about the only good characteristic he inherited from me. I should say, I used to be good at memorization. Not sure if I am anymore. That's besides the point. The point is, I can't WAIT for the primary program in 5 weeks because Cameron is so ready! Besides one of the hymns, he knows every word of every verse of every song! I'm sooo sad I can't watch him sing (since I will be stuck at the piano, playing for the program!).

Other than primary songs, he also loves his Halloween CD and his Wiggleworms CD. Other honorable mentions are (are you ready for this?) Jason Mraz, and McFly. HAHAHAHA... He can tell which songs are sung by each artist. We'll be driving and he'll ask, "Can we listen to 'Sorry's not good enough'?" He knows some of the words to "Sorry's not good enough", "It's all about you", and "Sleep all day". In the song "Sorry's not good enough", McFly sings, 'Don't go changing, don't go changing....' and they sing it about 8 times in a row, building a crescendo on each phrase. We'll hear him start singing, 'don't go change it, Don't go change it, DON'T GO CHANGE IT!!' Anyways, I just love that he enjoys music. Especially stuff I like!

Okay, I couldn't help it: just see for yourself!


Nisha said...

I'm so grateful Cameron knows all the words. He is so smart and cute to watch!

Michelle said...

Jamy - thanks so much for your offer. Email is ahnya attt excite dott com. Anything you can send would be great. I just spent a couple hours tonight entering the recipes that *I* have that I like to cook, and I'm getting quite a nice collection from others to include, as well. I really appreciate it! If you can also include the name you want attributed to the recipes (vs Jane Doe), that would be great. Thanks again!

And I must say that I have the same issue except I have TWO wee ones who memorize songs. And right now it's "Night and Day" -- a Thomas song but both children can't sing it at the same time or that causes an argument about copying. I actually had to tell Mister Man tonight that he had to sing a different song because I couldn't listen to that one anymore tonight :)

Anonymous said...

He's too cute! Jet ran in here and pointed "that's CAMERON!" LOL he misses his buddy!

Amy said...

Ok...that is sooooo cute!!! hahaha! I love his little shy smile too, classic!