Saturday, August 9, 2008

Breaking Dawn (contains spoilers and will probably offend many)

Well, I can't say it enough. I was sooooooooooo disappointed in 'Breaking Dawn'! I knew something was 'off' when I read the first chapter in the special edition of 'Eclipse'. I am SERIOUSLY warning you. If you LOVED the book, you may want to stop reading this now. Don't say I didn't warn you! BTW, these are not in order of the book. Just the order they came to me!

*In chapter 1, Stephenie writes, "[Charlie] was most disappointed with Billy, Jacob's father- and Charlie's closest friend." OHHHHHHHHHH, right. Because we didn't know who Billy was. Yes, I can see how we could forget a semi-major character in all 3 previous books. Hmmmmm. Then she continues with, "For Billy's refusing to put up the flyers in La Push, the reservation on the coast that was Jacob's home." Seriously? I HATE when writers (or anyone for that matter) insults my intelligence! Some people have made the point that, 'The Twilight book came out a while ago and someone might have forgot.' Hmmmm. It still talks about it in the THIRD book! Phew, I need to calm down.
*Also in the 1st chapter, I was not convinced at Renee's attempt of maturity. "You're not making my mistakes, Bella. You sound like you're scared silly, and I'm guessing it's because you're afraid of me. Of what I'm going to think." WELL DUH!!!!!!!!!! If she's been talking crap about marriage and men for Bella's life, how else do you think she's gonna feel? And then to change so abruptly to appease Bella?
* AGAIN with the typos. Really? I tried not to count, but I swear I got up to 5. Come on
*::Ahem:: Renesmee? I read a comment on my friend's blog that says it perfectly. And I quote, "I liked [the book], although I LITERALLY CRINGED every time I read the name Renesmee. Dumbest name ever. I can't believe she went with that one." HAHA.. I laughed so hard that she said she cringed, because I did too!
*Since when have the Cullens used 'nick names'? Jazz, Em, Rose.
*I don't understand why Bella is fine with drinking the blood. Yes, I understand that when you are pregnant, you crave what the baby needs. But this is BELLA we're talking about. Bella can't even SMELL blood from across the room without passing out. And then after she's a vampire, still no problem with blood. It doesn't make sense.
*Why does Bella have such a hard time recovering some human memories, but others are clear as a bell? I realize that even as humans, we have degrees to our memory, but it bugs me! She says, 'Already, the memory seemed dim, like I was watching through a think, dark veil...' ' was irritating to try to see through the human memories.' But immediately after she says this, she starts thinking about if Jacob was okay. Did he hate her. Had he gone back to Sam's pack. Were the Cullens safe. What would she tell Charlie. It's like she has selective amnesia!
(Everyone hate me yet? Well, I'm not done...)
*When Bella was bit the first time by James, the pain was excruciating. She already knew this about the vampire's venom. She should have been somewhat prepared. Yet, she screams and is in absolute AGONY. It lasted, what, a few minutes? So now she endures this pain for 2 days. And doesn't even whimper once? Because she doesn't want Edward to feel even worse? I didn't think Bella was that strong. Is it just me?
*I was SORELY disappointed that everyone believed (so quickly) that Alice and Jasper abandoned them in their time of need. This is ALICE we're talking about! And all Carlisle can say is, 'Alice is free to do what she will. I wouldn't deny her that liberty'. What a slap in the face! Why was everyone so willing to believe her? How sad.
*Can't Edward hear Alice's thoughts? Even if she's VERY far away?
*I was bummed that the 'big secret' for Bella to discover from Alice's clues was to get LEGAL PAPERS for Jacob and Renesmee? Um, they're half-human. It's not like Renesmee couldn't swim across the ocean like the rest of them if she had to. Papers?
*I was sad that Emmett was such a jerk to Bella. Teasing them about having sex. Usually he was the 'lovable bear' big brother. I loved his relationship with Bella and felt this book really diminished that.
*ALLLLLL that build-up and there's no war with the Volturi?!?!?!?! I realize that Stephenie Meyer has talked about doing other vampire books that would include some of the characters. If she doesn't though, I'm gonna be mad! How can the Volturi just retreat? And why is it that big of a relief to the Cullens and co.?
*Lastly (I know, can you believe I'm finished?) I couldn't grasp Charlie's cool attitude towards the situation. He was fine, no no, happy to be on a 'need to know' basis? This is his one and only daughter who he's grown to love even more since she's lived with him. Whatever you say!

Okay.. seriously? I didn't HATE the book. I'll explain the things I loved about it, although that list is much shorter.
*I love Stephenie's chapter endings. They are almost always very eventful! I love being gripped RIGHT at the end of a chapter. She is AMAZING at that.
* Garrett's speech was so touching. I nearly cried.
*Jacob's devotion to Renesmee. (Even though I'm still in denial that it's over between him and Bella!)
*I still don't understand how Renesmee can live for hundreds of years (what with a beating heart and all) but I was happy they could all live for a long together.
*I TOTALLY cried at the end. I thought it was a perfect way to end the series. At first I didn't get it. Then when I realized that Bella was showing Edward her thoughts, I lost it! That was sooooooo sweet.

So there you have it. That's my perspective. NOW I WANT YOURS! And no, I won't be offended if you all LOVED it, because I know I'm the minority here. =) Also, if anyone has any insight into my 'issues' let me know! A GREAT BIG thanks to Michelle for explaining a few things. Because of her and her insights, there were 2 things from my previous list of complaints I was able to erase!


Nisha said...

HOLY CRAP! LONG BLOG :) I didn't read it. Good news though (I think??), I'm going to start the series next week on vacation. I'm borrowing Jessa's copy of Twilight, so now I can talk the talk. IT'S ALL ANYONE TALKS ABOUT THESE DAYS!!!!!

P.S. I wasn't a fan of my veggies. I'll never add carrots again. They take too long and the other stuff gets mushy.

Anonymous said...

So I figured I'd better not read this post. Not sure when I'll buy (borrow?) the book but I'll get around to reading it. Too bad I can't just borrow yours again! GRR :)

Amy said...

Hmmmm...hard to know what to say when I absolutely loved the book! did have a FEW (haha) good points! just kidding!

I'm just impressed that you notice typo's! I'm so into the book that that's the last thing I'd notice!

I agree about the Renesme thing! Weird name! But...I had to remember that those are two people in her life she absolutely loves. (both of her moms)'s weird, but tender too! That's just me!

And I kind of wanted a fight too...I have a few thoughts on that! We'll talk... :)

Amy said...

...a fight with the Volturi, just to clarify!

ann said...

I just started the whole series - obsessively. It appears to me that the story was in the first book - and the rest has been about marketing. But I am both cynical and still reading.

Gagnon said...

Even though I really liked the book I totally agree with all your points, it didn't bother me as much when I was reading the book but yeah, it seems like there was a lot of stuff that wasn't believable. And Renessme? What was she thinking?!

Fleck Family said...

ok so I am so glad you told me today that you posted so I could read your thoughts on the book. I will say flat out that this is probably my least favorite book in the series and the reasons for that is mostly because there were some flaws that I just can't get past.
some of the things that you pointed out didn't bother me like going over who Charlie and Billy were, I have read too many series where they do this basic set up in later books in case someone reads the books out of order.
The funny thing is you pointed out some that bothered me but the one that bothers me the most you didn't mention....that is how on earth does Edward help with the conception of a child when he can't even make tears????? whatever.
I didn't like how Jasper and Emmett were almost non existent in the story line and like you said when they were there they weren't like they were before.
Renesme Please!!!!! That is just the lamest name ever, I understand why she did it but it is still so lame. No wonder everyone calls her Nessy (but why does Bella get upset about them calling her Nessy?)
The end of the book got better I think that they didn’t have a big blow up with the Voltri I think because there will be more to the series with Nessy and Jacob which I am excited for. I think that in the end the Cullens/Black group will take over the Voltri and will be the ones keeping and eye on the vampire world, which should make Emmett and Jasper happy little vampires.
But then I have questions like why did Stepenie mention that Jacob and his family are not really vampires but shape shifters, that hast to be some foreshadowing for future novels right?
However all said and done I liked the book but didn’t love it. I did love love love the last scene of the book with Bella and Edward it was PERFECT. I am hoping that if I read the story again with all 4 books in a row I will like it better, it happened with New Moon.
Ok I am closing this I am rambling again.

Gagnon said...

Sure you can add me!

Rob and Tiff said...

Well this blog just remindes me of a few things I love about you. You are not afraid to have very strong oppinions about things. I think some of your irritants are rather hillarious to me, but that's just because I'm not the kind to get worked up over much.

Thanks for sharing your ideas about the book. I have to say though I really liked it and I think Stephanie did a nice job wrapping the series up. Not too shabby for her first novel/series.

Kim said...

Of course I loved it! I thought everything was wrapped up so well. (I also cringed at the name Renesmee...BLAH!) There were some things that bugged, but I would just reread the first few chapters again, and sigh with happiness. O.K. are we pathetic? Maybe just I am. I thought she did a better job with putting Bella and Edwards romance into perspective. Instead of being all addictive, consuming and obsessive, it seemed more (to me) to be a strong, true love. I loved when Stephenie described, during an interview, that these books were her frosting. I agree, this is my frosting. It's nice to put down some of the heavier books and have one to escape in. As to the future vampire books, I hope she writes one from Renesmee's view so we can see how she and Jacob fair. Plus I want more with my vampires. I knew you would be disappointed in this one, and I imagined you throwing it across the room after the honeymoon chapter, (hope the book wasn't damaged!)

Kyla said...


melissa ( : said...

I also about cried during Garrett's speech. It was very touching. You know how I feel about the rest... and I'm still sad about saying goodbye to my good friends!

Heather said...

I totally agree with you. I am glad that I finally found someone else that read it. The whole time I was like....this book is completely wierd! I liked it only okay. But, for the most part I was thinking...What is she writing? Anyway...the other books are great!

Hayley said...

I loved Breaking Dawn, it was nothing like I expected! I thought it would all be based on the marriage, the transformation, the newborn stage and how she would deal with letting go of her human life. Pregnancy = unexpected (and seemingly impossible, I must add), but anyway..
I loved it because

* I was prepared to accept that not everyone would be happy in the end (Jacob, Charlie, Renee) but everything worked out for everyone!

* We got someone besides Bella's perspective. Very clever and very useful. If we had had Bella's perspective throughout the pregnancy, it would be a nonstop "i love this baby.. i'm keeping it.. everything will be fine." Nuh uh, I woulda thrown the book out. =D

* It had the usual cute, funny little moments and unexpected surpirses throughout the whole novel.

*The werewolves and vampires aren't enemies anymore and the Volturi are scared of the Cullens and friends.

*When ALice left the clue and Bella was preparing legal papers for Jake and Renesmee, I honestly thought for a bit that Bella and Edward would die, because why else would like three chapters revolve around that? However, it all worked out (and Alice came back, however predictable it was).

A very good novel, better than I expected, though I found two typos. Renesmee seems an odd name, but guys, it's Bella. She's daggy, she's unique, just like the name Renesmee. Just cos it isn't a good name it itself doesn't mean it isn't great for the book.
I was disappointed that there was no smashing the Volturi (or at least Jane, Caius and Felix!)

Brother and Sister Harker said...

I hate the name Renesmee too I also cringed, but then I got to the point where when i passed her name I just called her Nessie.
I was a little pist they didn't take down the Volturi too, especially since now they will come back and this is suppose to be the last book.
Other than that I liked it.

Brother and Sister Harker said...

oh and I am hoping for a book about "Nessie" and Jacob.
I did love the last chapter too wasn't it so cute?