Friday, August 1, 2008


A few weeks ago I asked Cameron to read the word 'it'. I showed him how to blend the sounds together and he did it without any problems. He then read 'so' and 'to' and 'on. I really didn't think anything about it. I mean, he is 4, right? Last night we were reading a book and I had him sound out the word 'dog'. He did this as if it was nothing. So we moved onto another word. 'Top'. And another. 'Ball'. And another, 'Bed'. I couldn't believe it. So I had him bring me a piece of paper and a pencil. I began writing down words for him to sound out and read (without my help). He proceeded to read 26 words! (all 3 letter of course) I was so excited, and as soon as he figured out what he was doing, he was too! Every time he'd read a word and look at me for confirmation, he'd pump his fist and say, 'YES!!!!!'. It was so cute! I can't believe how much he's growing up! What a smarty pants. =)


Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

I'm a teacher who has two brilliant kids who get excellent grades and know how to talk to adults :) So, in my expert opinion, your boy is advanced, especially for a boy. My daughter was reading at that age, but my son had no interest until he was in 1st grade (today, he'd rather read than learn to drive!!) GREAT JOB working with your son :)

P.S. Came this way having read your wise post to Shanna about letting her son have guns. I think you are very smart, and now I'm even more sure you are a good parent, too!

Anonymous said...

Well would you look at that?! I brought you a new reader! You can thank me later LOL :)

I had SO many comments today - like nearly 100 on 4 of my posts because I signed up for SITS. If you want a few more readers you might want to check it out ;) The link is on the left of my blog.

I'll tell Charlie that you miss her! I know Jet misses having someone his age to play with...hopefully I can get him signed up for pre-k at the girls' school!


raising4boys said...

That is so great!! I'm still trying to teach Eric to write his own name. I have another month though ;)

I tagged you for Mommy questions if you want to play. You will have to scroll a few posts down, I've been a blog aholic this week.

Happy Friday!!

Amy said...

Holy cow...well I'm impressed! Even doing preschool every day...Gwen still struggles writing words!!! Go Cameron!!!

Kyla said...

Pretty soon he'll be reading Shakespeare and studying Ptolemy's philosophies. Watch out! :)