Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mushi, mushi

Check it out!

What was your favorite part?!


Anonymous said...

LOL that guy imitated Jim pretty well! The Man and I re-watched the one with the bat in the office last night...that one has to be one of my favorites ;)

It's so funny - I actually LOVE the GV brand of the Cherry Pop Tarts. Just that flavor. The others are blech...but mmmm Cherry...LOL :)

Anonymous said...

LOL ya, I get all excited with the season's change and want to match it on my blog. Not that it feels fall-ish here AT ALL but...I needed to change it LOL :)
We've met a few of our neighbors and you know me...I am so bad at making an effort when it comes to new people. They just aren't as cool as you guys!!
Sierra was THRILLED with the sewing machine and it was on clearance for $15! I bought one for Charlie too for her birthday in October (shhhh)...she will freak because she's been hogging Sierra's hahaah ;) They crack me up. They go through SO much thread though!
Here I am blah blah blahing...better go to BED! Night!

Sydney said...

I loved this when I saw it on SNL! I'm a huge office fan... my favorite episode was the Office Olympics!