Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I miss...

So I got thinking about all the random food items that just aren't around (or available in my area) anymore! So here they are!

#1) Gobble Stix! It was like string cheese- only... well, turkey! They were
DELICIOUS! And I've never been a sandwich person, so I've never really enjoyed
lunch meat. But these were perfect!
#2) Flaky Flix I think my friend Ashwini
the one to get me addicted to these!
#3) Clearly Canadian. I remember
as a kid, going to the gas station and my mom would buy me a drink. This was all
I ever wanted! I MISS IT!
#4) Vienetta. Come on, how fun is this to
#5) Am I making this up? I SWEAR there used to be cream cheese (by Phillidelphia,
who else?) that was specifically for TOAST! It was more fluffy than thick and
creamy, so it wouldn't squish your toast. We used to have it when I was younger
and I can find no proof that this product ever existed! Am I delusional?
#6) Shell chocolates!!! Again, this is just what Ashwini and I would call them! Belgian Chocolate Seashells.
And DO NOT let the crappy photo fool you. These are the most delicious
chocolates I've ever tasted! I've been told you can still find them at Trader
Joes. But they're sooooo expensive! And seeing as I have no self control, I'd
eat the whole freakin' box in one sitting.

Now it's your turn! C'mon, I know there's SOMETHING that you miss. So please share!

P.S. Ugh! Sorry the pictures turned out all skewampus, but I was way too lazy to go back and match them all up! (And yes, I did have to google search the word 'skewampus' to make sure I was spelling it right!)


Anonymous said...

LOL you crack me up with your skewampus - I wondered at it's spelling until you put that you looked it up ;)
I remember Clearly Canadians as well.
I can't think of anything right now that isn't available anymore...but I'm sure I'll come up with something!!

Nisha said...

Okay Jami, I gotta be honest, those turkey sticks sound disgusting!!! I do remember drinking Clearly Canadian. Yummy! I also remember forgetting one in the freezer one time and it busting. oops. I wonder if you had all those things if you'd still love them the same. When I worked at BYU, there were these chocolates I would always devour. I got them a couple weeks ago when I was on campus and I didn't think they were so great. Maybe it's because I eat healthier now??

PS Thanks for being my number one blog fan ;) Yes, you saw me at the park last night. We are having volleyball practice every Tuesday night at 7. You should come!

emily said...

I forgot all about clearly canadian! We lived off that stuff in Middle School and thought we were so cool. Love your blog design! Thanks for coming over the chat at the sky a bit.

Amy said...

I think I always pronounced it "Skally-wompus." So I'm the idiot really!

So funny about that sparkling water! Not sure about the brand, but I used to go to gas stations and get that same thing...haha! Every time I'd try a new one. Blackberry, strawberry, mixed, etc! How funny...

I miss 5th Avenue's! Haven't seen one in a long time. They were my favorite candy bar ever! Of course, because it consists of chocolate and peanut butter! Mmmm!

Um...what else?? This is random, but I used to LOVE Cool Ranch Doritos! They were like...the best thing ever to me! Now they are just eh!

I'll think of more later...haha!

jesse blake said...

I've never been to this site before but I too had been thinking about Gobble Stix recently and I decided to Google them. You're one of very few people I've come across that actually remember them.

melissa ( : said...

Now that we're in New Hampshire... there are a lot of things I miss. Cafe Rio for starters. At the grocery store here I can't find tortillas, green chillis, or Pace Picante Sauce. What is up with that???

Kari said...

Thanks for coming by my blog today, Jamy! I loved your review of Breaking Dawn a few posts down. I don't want to post spoilers in your comments, but I will say that I especially agreed on the Renesmee point and the Volturi point. I was very disappointed with the end.

Also, a high five from one Jacob fan to another!

raising4boys said...

I'm trying to think hard back to my childhood. The thing that comes to mind when we first moved here was Maddox turkey steaks. We just figured they didn't sell them this far south. Then we found them at Smith's!!

Michelle said...

I, too, miss Vienetta. Just seeing the picture you put up made me go, "oooohhhhhhh" and proceed to drool profusely.

I miss Sixlets. I did find them at this small newsstand store by my office, but they are 25 cents each! I remember buying them for a nickel.

Makes me feel old.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! :)