Friday, August 22, 2008

Calling all sick, twisted freaks!!!

Okay, of course I'm speaking of Glenn Beck! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Glenn Beck! I am so sad to say I don't get to listen to him much anymore. We only have one alarm clock and the radio reception SUCKS! Anyways, he is so honest and blunt. I love that he will stick to his opinions, regardless of what others say. He has some pretty strong opinions, and maybe that's why I love him! Unlike me, he could care less if someone doesn't agree with him. He's respectful of other's views, but NEVER backs down. I love that! Anyways, I found this on a SITS blog and was sooo excited! I've been dying to see him live, but his shows are sooooo expensive! Recently, at the end of his Christmas show, he shares his conversion story. I've always been disappointed never to SEE him (only heard bits and pieces) talk about it. So here's a glimpse. That's good enough for me!

I totally started crying while watching this. Glenn doesn't get emotional about very many things, so it's very touching when he lets his guard down. We have had SOOOOOOOOOO many experiences in the last few weeks to show the Lord's hand in our lives. I could (and should) fill page after page of our blessings. The day after we decide to pay our tithing (which usually isn't hard, but this time it was!) we received a check for $240 that was somehow never given to Tyler when he worked at IBC. Over a year and a half ago. We've received money here and there for the most random things. Cameron got into preschool for only $20 a month and it's right across the street. The list could go on and on. Sometimes I think I don't give Heavenly Father enough credit. I sometimes wonder, "How's this gonna work?" And when it's all said and done, I look back and think, "Um, how do I EVER doubt?" As I watched this video, I was also reminded of how stupid I am. Why am I CONSTANTLY trying to prove myself to... who, myself? I rely too much on myself and don't 'cry out' enough. My greatest example of this is my dear friend, Tiffany. Her daughter (who is just a few weeks older than Alexis) has Lukemia. In every updated post, they are constantly recognizing the hand of the Lord in their lives. Not once have I read, "BUT WHY! Why us! It's not fair! Why are we being punished?!" Which I have to admit, I'm sure I would be guilty of doing to an extent. So, Tiffany, you are my inspiration. I am so blessed to have a friend like you.

I'm so grateful for all my blessing. I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful husband. My sweet friend, Chelsea, was telling me yesterday how 'cute' me and Tyler are together. That we seem to fit and have found a good rhythm in life. I was so happy that someone else could recognize how much I love him. He is so supportive and I would be lost without him. I don't know why I've been thinking about all these deep things lately. There was a car crash in Monticello that Tyler was telling me about. A car was being chased, from Cortez, and ran the light in Monticello. It T-boned a car with 2 older women. It killed all 3 instantly. It made me think that almost exactly 7 years ago, I was hit broadside in what should have been a MUCH worse accident. The fact that I walked away with only a small Goose-egg and some back issues was a miracle. My legs should have been smashed at the least. The car that hit me (in the driver's seat) was doing at least 45 mph.

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BTW, that dog was Amy's, not mine! I think I was at her house more than my own those days! I think this is the first serious blog I've done, and I'm wiped out. So don't worry, I think it's back to dull posts here on out. Thanks for listening!


Anonymous said...

Wow you're right, this was a deep post! I'm glad you could get your thoughts out ;)
Your posts are never dull - keep up the deep thinking ;)

Fleck Family said...

2 years ago Jeff and I saved money and went to see his Christmas show. It was AMAZING that was our Christmas present to each other and it was like I said Amazing. His conversion story here is a brief overview of that night. I will have to tell you sometime about it becuase you just can't describe it typing, well at least I can't.
I agree with you though. I often think how many times i whine about all the things that are going on in my life but there are so many things I have to be grateful for.
thank you for the great post to make me stop for a minute and put my life back in the right perspective. Love ya!

Amy said...

Sorry...taken me forever to post a comment! Loved that video on Glenn Beck!!! Sheesh! And that picture made me double take...then I almost started crying! I was like, hey...that's my dog!!!!

I'm glad you didn't get too hurt in that accident! I remember that! Ugh!