Thursday, August 28, 2008

And Mother of the year award goes to...

Me. Of course. What a mommy day I had yesterday! It sucked. It was Cameron's first day of preschool but it doesn't start until 12:45. So it still feels like we have the whole day before I even get a break from him! Then, Alexis doesn't take an afternoon nap, so she was awake the WHOLE time Cameron was at school! "But that means you got to have quality time with your second child?" Yeah, I don't care. I just want a BREAK! That's one of the biggest reasons I wanted Cameron IN preschool! Anyways, my freakin' allergies have been driving me NUTS! See, I've never had allergies in my entire life. Never. EVER. So why this year? Who knows. The doc. said they are particularly bad this year. Yeah, no kidding? My face is RAW from constantly wiping and blowing my nose & wiping my eyes. My eyes are itchy all the time, they are always red and puffy. UGH! I'm whining. But it's my blog and I can do whatever I want!

And as usual, Alexis eats like crap. It's not unusual to have to give her 6-8 different food choices before she'll decide that it's worthy of her energy to shove into her mouth. I'm sooooooo tired of it. And it's not like I can say, 'If you don't eat this, then nothing else' (which believe me, I'm tempted to do) But she's only a year! I can't bargain with her. Instead I end up yelling at her and taking her out of her high chair because I can't handle it anymore. As soon as I do take her out, she's signing 'FOOD'. And then I scream. Like a little kid that didn't get her way. (see Shanna? I told you you're not the only one)

Blah. Then I decided to make 'House Special' Thai food. I got the recipe from Kyla and was told it was to die for! I spent A LOT of time on the meal. I cut up all fresh veggies, cooked the chicken, made the sauce from scratch, etc. (All the while trying to decide what the princess will eat) So how was the dinner? It was terrible. It probably didn't help that I read wrong and used 1 tsp. of curry paste instead of 1TBSP. Never again will I go off a recipe that only uses t or T. Next time I'll know to write in tsp. or TBSP. UGH! I just felt like the BIGGEST failure at EVERYTHING! I hate those days and I'm just so pleasant to be around, I'm sure. (sarcasm)

Luckily, I did have something to look forward to. Something I normally wouldn't look forward to. Book club. I've never attended a book club discussion before. Why could'nt I miss it this time? Because we were discussing 'Breaking Dawn'. No way I'm missing that! It was actually really fun! I drove my friend Tammy, so I'd at least ahve a friend to sit by who could protect me from any flying objects that might come my way after I piss everyone off with my opinions about the book. Surprisingly, people seemed (overall) to understand most of my frustrations with the book. There were some really good points made that explained some of my irritations with the book. I'll be anxious to re-read it, but not for a while. Anyways, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed myself and how much I voiced. I was hesitant to say anything bad about the book, but part of me wanted to be controversial. I know you all have a hard time believing that. Thanks to Melody, I was able to wear my 'Team Jacob' shirt! Hahaha... I got a kick out of it. I know no-one else cared, but I was so proud to be sporting it! We left around 10:30 or so and I was NOT ready to go back home yet. I've been home way too much and just wanted to be anywhere but here. So Tammy and I drove to Smith's and bought chocolate! Haha... It was so fun to blast the music, talk, laugh, and forget (even if just for a short time) that I am a mother. I got home and just sighed to myself. "Wow! I realllllly needed that!" I was prepared to get a great night's sleep and wake up as happy as I fell asleep. Well, that would've been nice, right? Both kids slept awful! I mean screaming, crying, more screaming, whining, whining and more screaming. I could not get Alexis to stay asleep once I'd put her back in her crib and finally gave up, just to bring her in bed with us. I swore, multiple times, as I got kicked in the face, jaw, head, shoulder, etc. Anyways, today is a new day, and I will try my best not to throw a tantrum. It's not looking good so far though. And it's only 9:50 am?!

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Grandma Julie said...

Boy do I ever remember those days! Some days are just rough even if you don't have children at home.
Today was frustrating here at work since the receptionist quit and my foot was hurting. so I go to the Drug store for pain meds and of course they were closed at 9:30 in the morning. I am guessing someone must have slept in or forgot they had to work today. SO I am going to take a deep breath/ relax/ take the pain meds I got from the Dentist next door and enjoy the rest of the day.
I truly wish we lived closer and you could send Cameron and Alexis to our house for the day. What fun that would be ( for both of us)
Cammeron is so cute his first day of school. What a fun time! And I hear Alexis is walking now!
They are growing up way too fast.
I'll bet after reading this you are putting the kids in the car right now and headed to Monticello!!
I am just teasing you, but you can sure send them this way.
Have a better day and keep smiling.

Anonymous said...

I'm soooooo sorry you had such a crappy day!

I know the LAST thing you want to hear is advice, but I'm going to give it anyway because it's my comment so there(you better be laughing): Yes! Just give Alexis the one food. If she doesn't take it, calmly put it away and get her out of the high chair - go do something else. She signs she's hungry again? Go back to the high chair and re-offer the same food. After a day (even if it takes a few days) she'll get the message "it's lunch time and THIS is what Mommy is offering - I better eat" Anyway, that way you're teaching her SHE isn't allowed to choose, Mommy does. Trust me, my kids tried the same thing - and if you are persistent with the message "THIS is what you may have" she'll learn.
Ok I'll step off my soap box now ;)

I'm glad you were able to get out and go to the book club and it is SUCH a surprise that you wanted to stir up a little controversy! That doesn't sound like you AT ALL ;)
Take a deep breath and try to have a good rest of the day. Sometimes when I just couldn't take anymore of the baby's crying I would lie on the floor, surrounded by their favorite toys and just let them crawl all over me while I closed my eyes. They were happy because I was there, and I was happy because I didn't have to talk.

Amy said...

I'm so sorry...that's miserable! I have way too many days like that! Cameron looks so cute and grown-up going to school! And of course Alexis is adorable...

And I'm sorry about your allergies! Your just look miserable! It made my eyes water!

Kari said...

Your book club sounds fun! I keep talking to people about Breaking Dawn, but it would be fun to have a big group of people to discuss it with. I work at a middle school, where they are most definitely NOT Jacob fans, but I like to hope that the girls will one day figure out that Edward isn't all he's cracked up to be. (And also that he is creepy.)