Friday, November 7, 2008

Back by popular demand

And I couldn't help posting this. It's Cameron's very first sentence, written (and sounded out) all by himself. It says, "dad has a pet"! =)


Anonymous said...

Jet saw this and said "hey! There's Cameron. In his house. With me...
was I there?"

LOL poor kid misses him so much.

Anonymous said...

Just bugging you AGAIN to let you know I made it in ;)

Talk to you later!

Anonymous said...

You, I'm sure, made Jenna's day! She is a great writer, isn't she? :)

Not so much goofy as very affectionate and serious ... and giggly LOL

I wasn't really freaked out because it was already dead, but seriously I want to know how the heck it got UP THERE!? Our ceilings are like 10 feet tall and I don't know if they can climb walls or not. Either way how'd it get in there?? I'm sure it's family is planning vengence!

You're so sweet to say that about my house and the oxymoron thing!!!

Amy said...

Man I'm jealous! I hope Gwen isn't behind when she hits kindergarten!!!

Anonymous said...

You are SO sweet to say you think I'm self confident! It means a lot to know that at least I come off as being self confident LOL :)