Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cameron's song

On a much lighter note (thanks for letting me WHINE earlier), this is a song that Cameron made up on Sunday. He was changing his clothes in his room and started to make up this song. I wish I would have got my camera sooner, but I still got some good lyrics. Hahaha.. Anyways, below are the lyrics since it's kinda hard to hear and understand. Anyways, the noise in the background is me trying to contain my laughter. At one point I think I was slapping my thighs. Me and Tyler were laughing sooooooooooooo hard! (But quitely!) Oh, and I had to film the wall or else he wouldv'e had 'stage fright' and stopped singing!

...If I can be like Heavenly Father and Jesus. And I love everyone too. And my friends are dawson and nate and jack. And nate and, um, Jack are too far away. And they all love me too either I love Ethan. and all of his bru-tters. Brothers. And they all love me too. And they all love me too. And that's the end of... The end.

P.S. The quote was from 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'. How did no one get that?! =)


Anonymous said...

Ok we're even ... that made me tear up! Cameron is always talked about here and he is SO missed!! Love it!!!

Fleck Family said...

THAT IS AWESOME!!!! I just love it thank you for sharing. He is just such a great singer!

Nisha said...

Life would be so dull without kids. That was so funny. I hope you catch him in the singing act again!

Amy said...

Ok...that is so hilarious!!! I love it! And yes, now I recognize the quote! I could not think of it earlier!

Grandma Julie said...

What a cute thing to have captured on your camera. Too bad it was the wall and not Cameron. He really does have quite the singing voice and imagination.
this made my day! No wonder I am so proud of him!