Friday, November 28, 2008


We got back last night from spending Thanksgiving with Tyler's family in Monticello. It was so nice to get out of the house and away from our worries, if only for a few days! It's kind of sad to be home again. The kids played with their cousins, and were excited to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa! Here's the pictures!!!

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Oh, and those truffles? They were chocolate chip cookie dough truffles! They were SOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy (and FUN) to make, and so good! You can find the recipe HERE. What have I said before? I'm obsessed with her site! Sorry such a short post, but I'm exhausted. Just got home from grocery shopping and I'm gonna go hang out with the kids and watch a movie! haha


Amy said...

FUN!!! I loved seeing the pictures of Alexis...just to see what she was wearing! haha! That dark pink shirt looks soooo cute! And yes, she looks way grown up!

Those truffles look amazing! Mmmm! Miss me if you can!

Crystal said...

Your little family is so cute! I love looking at the pictures. Your new fam pic is so great! So Katie and Rich are moving out to Eagle Mtn on saturday and Im going down to take care of Delila, itd be fun to see you, if you're going to be around!

Nisha said...

Those pics are so the cowboy hat and family picture! Yes, Alexis is such a big girl.

Fleck Family said...

Your new family picture is sooooo cute!!!! and I love the pictures of Alexis and Cameron on the horse!
I had to giggle at Cameron's Thanksgiving plate with little portions on such a big plate it was just too cute!!

I looked on the website for the candy and stuff and have a list of stuff I want to make with Lizzie and Tanner. They look SOOO Good

Anonymous said...

The link didn't work for me :( AND I couldn't see the pictures. It's probably just me, I'll try reloading your page.

Your hair is getting SO long! I'm a little (a lot) jealous. I miss my hair...but it's growing REALLY fast! It's almost to my shoulders again.

I'm glad you guys got away for Thanksgiving!!

How about you guys move to Texas and come be MY neighbors? :)

raising4boys said...

Glad you had a fun Thanksgiving even if it was short. I LOVE your new family picture...can you say Christmas card!!