Friday, November 21, 2008


I just got home from the premier of TWILIGHT! YES! My sweet friend Tammy scored us a couple of tickets and treated us to one great night! First we went to IHOP (since it was the only place open that late!) I felt bad: we only ended up ordering a drink at first, and then later had some fries. But the waitress was so nice and didn't make us feel like crap for sitting there 'wasting' her table. Hey, we tipped her good! It was funny because there were at least 2 other groups of fellow Twilighters eating too! One group had these shirts on that I FELL IN LOVE WITH! I've seen A LOT of Twilight shirts, and haven't like any of them. But these? I love how simple and classy they were. So I risked looking like an idiot (hey, it's nothing new, so why not?) and asked them if I could take a picture of their shirts! One girl in the group confessed to designing and making them. UGH! SO JELOUS!

Luckily our seats were reserved so we didn't have to worry about getting there way early to just get any seat! When we arrived, there were people dressed as Alice (she had a freakin' cardboard box-of-a-yellow-Porsche around her waist like a ghetto Halloween costume) and long hair. Boo! If you're gonna dress up, do it right! I know, I'm harsh. Whatever, I'm a Twilight purist. Someone else dressed as Victoria with leaves in her frizzy hair. That was kinda funny.

"So anyways, let's get down to the nitty gritty" (<--- Anyone?)

I really liked the movie. I was REALLY surprised I liked the movie. I REALLY liked Edward. I was even more surprised I didn't want to vomit the entire time because of him. He was smooth, sexy, classy, all the things he should be. The clothes? Eh, could've been better, but I was still too stunned that I wasn't boo-ing the movie. I was screaming like all the teenagers. Bella was amazing. I was very happy with her acting. There were parts I loved, and there were parts that were ridiculous. Many times, Tammy and I had to put our hands over our mouths to quiet our own laughter. And they weren't funny parts of the movie. The cinematography was terrible. I was so disappointed with their special effects. There were obviously a lot of things left out, and some random things that were added. Does Al Gore have a hold on this entire nation? There was a RIDICULOUS scene about going green and recycling. Recycling is great, but don't even get me started on all that environmentalism. GR! That ticked me off. Oh and Stephenie Meyers makes a small appearance in the movie. I mean, if I wrote a book that turned into a movie, you better believe I'm gonna be in it! But it was kinda random. That's about it for now. I am SOOOOOOO glad I got to see it opening night. It was fun to be part of something that I've really enjoyed. That book was what got me interested in reading. I always hated reading and since reading Twilight I have read 15 books. That doesn't sound like a lot, "but it was tough for me so BACK OFF!" (<--Anyone?). So even though I had tons of issues with Breaking Dawn, I will always appreciate Stephenie Meyer's ability to get this anti-reader excited about reading!

I realize that was a lot of random ramblings, but cut me some slack. It's 4:00 a.m.! WOO-HOO FOR TWILIGHT!


raising4boys said...

WoooH! for seeing it opening night. I hope you are still in bed Jamy :) Ya I can't believe you stayed up late to blog about it. LOL!! You are a die hard fan. But that's great her books got you reading again.

I'm glad you enjoyed the movie for the most part. I'm sure we will go see it soon.

Did I tell you Michelle thought I was Victoria for Halloween?? I was really a tree for my little monkey. I think it was my red hair hehe!

P.S. I have some iron on transfers if you want to make a shirt. You do the designing.

Fleck Family said...

Now I am for sure excited for the movie. Before I wasn't sure. all I can say is they better have the dazzle lines in there or I will be ery very very very very very angry

Nisha said...

Glad you liked the movie...I've been waiting to think about going until I've gotten feedback.

Hey, I tagged you on my blog...crazy 8s.

PS You should blog about moving...that was a surprise.

Amy said...

Um...your thoughts were pretty darn simliar to mine! Check my post out if you haven't yet! I actually liked the cinematography. But I agree about the special effects! Wish we could've seen it together!!! Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Ok ok ok....jeez. I forgot that when you made your blog private it no longer shows up on my updated list...bah. Well, now I know to check MORE OFTEN! :)

Now off to actually catch up and read what you've been up to!

Anonymous said...

I'm SO glad you were able to go!!!!!!!!!! I'm also SO glad you LIKED it ;)

So...tell me more about the environmental thing you said NOT to get you started on!

Guinhyvar said...

Dood, that is awesome! I'm glad that you had a good time. I myself am going to see it, but I'm taking my oldest daughter (for her bday) and a friend along. I'm actually pretty excited.

My oldest is reading the books right now. She's on the fourth one, and will probably finish it tonite or tomorrow. She just MOWED through them, read them all in a little over a week.

Yay for reading! I'm glad that you have found it to be something you really like to do now. I'm a reader, and my older two kids are readers, too. I don't know what I'd do without it :)

raising4boys said...

I did love the movie. I didn't care that we saw it so soon, but since Randy is a bigger Twilight fan than me...hehe!! and it was nice to go on a date night.

It was a lot of fun!! I didn't realize that Victoria was a BAD vampire. Geesh! Glad I really wasn't her for Halloween. I have to say the ending made me curious for the other books since I only read the first.

But, very well done movie. It was hilarious how the audience in the theater was wooing Edward and Dr. Cullen. I'm really not in love with either one.

Kim said...

Yay! I am glad you liked it, it gives me hope! I will probably have to wait for it come out on redbox, as I don't want to sit in the theater for 2 hours-- you know I would go and my water would break! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!