Monday, November 10, 2008


I have a few RANDOM things that I was so grateful for today! First, Cameron is just the best big brother EVER! If I ask him to pick a movie for him and Alexis to watch, he'll ALWAYS pick something that she likes. He'll pick Word World because it has a puppy, and he knows she loves puppies. He'll run the cover up to her and say, 'See Alexis! Puppy!' Same goes with books. He'll pick the one with the duck because she loves ducks. Then he'll say, 'Where's the duck? What does a duck say? Good girl!' He's ALWAYS willing to share with her. What a great blessing!

Oh yes... My water softener! Hey, I warned you it was random. So when my in-laws were here last, they noticed our AWFUL looking drinking glasses. We ran out of salt for our water softener and they bought us enough for a whole year!!! Our glasses are beautiful and sparkly once again. The best part? I don't have to pre-wash everything. Normally I do. Habit, I guess. But my house has been a wreck for about 2 weeks, and this morning I threw in SPAGHETTI dishes from last night. I didn't even rinse them off. Just scraped off the big chunks of food. When I opened the dishwasher I was sure I'd have to re-wash them. Nope! They were all perfectly clean! THANK YOU MIKE & JULIE!

I'm so lucky that my sweet husband will eat whatever. He came home from work tonight and said, "So what's for dinner?" I had been attempting to clean, and do laundry, etc. all day. I said, 'Uh, I don't know. Want a tortilla with meat & cheese?' "Sure! Sounds great!" AND he's willing to eat left-overs. I know, I'm such a lucky gal!


Amy said...

I love when the older sibling helps and takes care of the younger one! So sweet! Gwen does that sometimes too, and I just feel like a proud mommy! haha!

Shanna said...

Hey! My follower thing didn't say you had updated...ooorrrr I missed it! :P Glad you FINALLY got some salt! I miss our soft water, though with the humidity we don't really need it here.
Glad you have a year's supply though!!!

Crystal said...

Oh your so cute! Those are blessings for sure, I love the little things, they just make life great

Nisha said...

Interesting! I have never tried to put semi dirty dishes in the dishwasher. I wonder if mine will get them clean now too since I have a softener.

Guinhyvar said...

Hello, I don't think we have ever exchanged words, have we? Well, I'm Jenna, Shanna's weird friend. I hear about you from Shanna, and I used to check out your blog til you made it private (thanks, by the way, for letting me view it) but I have no idea why I never commented. I kinda feel like, from the many things Shanna has said about you (all lovely things, no worries) that I already know you. So it's silly that I am only JUST commenting now.

Ah, well. What is they say...? Better late than never, right?

Alright, so I guess that's it... for now :) Catch ya on the flip side!

Chelle said...

Aw, your husband sounds so sweet! Mine is the same way--he takes the leftovers with him to lunch and doesn't ever complain if I don't feel like cooking!

Fleck Family said...

I need salt for my water softner, i keep forgetting to mention it to Jeff when we are out.

Cameron really is a good big brother and it is super cute when Alexis quacks like a duck :) it quacks me up haha